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Wedding stationery Spain | Beautifully designed wedding invitations


Add some beautiful personalised touches to your big day with exquisitely designed wedding invitations made in Spain…

Beautifully designed wedding stationary.
Beautifully designed wedding stationery.

Your wedding may possibly be the biggest fiesta you’ve ever thrown (it’s super exciting, we know) and perhaps the first time you’ll send out formal invitations (which is also pretty cool). However, though stationery seems pretty straightforward, the overwhelming choice in paper, printing styles, escort cards, save-the-dates and not forgetting the all important invitation for your magical day itself, means things can get a bit complicated.

Fortunately today we’ve been able to chat with Natu, Natasha Leis Cespedes, skilled stationery designer who gives an insight into some of the FAQs made by a lot of bridal coupless when selecting their wedding-related paper goods.

Thanks for joining us Natu, as the wedding season kicks off we understand it’s a busy time for wedding providers, so we appreciate you taking the time to join us for today’s special feature article.

Firstly, tell us a bit more about your company, where are you located and how did it all start?

We are based in Granada, Spain. However, I’m originally from Argentina. I started doing calligraphy in 2018 as a hobby and then I started teaching, giving workshops in person.

I’ve been living in Spain for a year and a half now and do workshops in a school, but I also dedicate a lot of my time to making stationery and calligraphy for weddings because it is what I like the most.

personalised invitation with an illustration of the Alhambra
Personalised invitation with an illustration of the Alhambra.
Can you do custom invitations? For example, incorporating a chosen image into the design?

Yes, we recently made a personalised invitation with an illustration of the Alhambra and olive branches. Very beautiful. I really enjoy coming across people’s ideas and seeing what results they come up with.

Is there a word limit the bridal couple needs to stick to?

No. That’s up to each individual. An invitation can be entirely handwritten or, for example, the name of the bride and groom can be in calligraphy and the rest of the text in typography. Everyone chooses what they like best.

Personalised wedding place cards as miniature decorations for your wedding tablescape.
Can bridal couples order all their other stationery from you, as well as the invitations?

Yes, we can provide everything. Or if they have part of the stationery already and wish to combine, that is also possible. It will always depend on what the bride and groom have previously chosen or if they leave everything in our hands. We can do hand calligraphy on: Invitations, seating plans, table labels, escort card, menu, welcome sign, vow book, envelopes and even on various objects. In fact recently we did a design on some traditional Spanish castanets.

Personalised Spanish castanets.
Personalised Spanish castanets.
Do you offer recycled paper or other eco-friendly materials?

Yes, we do. All the stationery I order are from third parties, however, I always take care of choosing what the bride and groom want whether it is recycled paper, cotton, metallised, etc.

What types of printing do you offer, for example, digital printing and/or engraved printing?

Well, it’s the same as the papers. Whenever the bride and groom ask for it, I will try to get it. I don’t do the actual printing myself, I have what we have designed printed following the requests made by the bridal couple.

elegant table settings
Elegant table settings.
How long does it take to deliver the invitations after receiving an order?

It always depends on the process, if it includes illustrations or not, if it includes calligraphy on the envelopes. But about a month. It can be a little more or a little less.

Can you send orders abroad?

Yes, of course! 🙂

As you can see a stationery designer does more than just print your invitations! They also help set the tone for your wedding. A huge thank you to Natu for giving us an insight into the work that goes behind beautiful and personalised wedding stationery. We hope to see your beautiful calligraphy on wedding stationery items for our bridal couples very soon.
Wedding Stationary Spain | Beautifully designed wedding invitations
Hand-calligraphed invitations Spain.