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Wedding Cortijo in Ronda | Sunshine Weddings Spain

Nestled under the sun-kissed embrace of Ronda’s radiant skies lies a captivating wedding venue, seamlessly merging nature’s beauty with exquisite design.

Your envisioned wedding celebration awaits within this enchanting estate, a haven where you can reconnect with the land and immerse yourself in the breathtaking vistas of the Sierra de Grazalema, a secluded paradise which beckons you to embark on an unforgettable journey, surrounded by the soothing presence of olive trees and the intoxicating scents of lavender fields.


Spread across 26 hectares, this expansive organic farm stands as a tribute to the timeless elegance of olive oil and central to it all is El Cortijo, a meticulously restored 19th-century Andalusian farmhouse, embodying the rich heritage of the region.

Housing five distinct rooms, including a lavish suite designed with minimalist opulence, this sanctuary overlooks a pool and a 250-square-metre terrace—and becomes an inviting refuge for basking in the sun’s warm embrace on the buildup to your special day.

This estate offers a diverse array of spaces, each tailored to accommodate various styles of celebrations, from intimate gatherings with cherished loved ones to grand affairs hosting up to 100 guests.

Renowned for harmoniously blending tradition and innovation, this grand Cortijo carries the creative signature of co-founder Philippe Starck, the esteemed French designer. His visionary influence graces the estate, leaving an enduring mark on the landscape, from distinctive exterior elements to communal areas that seamlessly blend old-world charm with contemporary allure.

Discover a variety of spaces that inspire creativity, from lush country house gardens and terraces spanning 750 square metres, to a spacious 400-square-metre interior greenhouse, inviting you to enjoy its serene atmosphere.

Even the parking area, sprawling across 2,500 square metres, is transformed into an artful exhibition, adorned with works of renowned photographers.

This finca in Ronda is a realm of boundless possibilities, offering secluded corners, expansive vistas of nature, and intimate open-air alcoves. A dynamic canvas of spaces to accommodate your imagination, ensuring your event is as unique as it is unforgettable.

Imagine exchanging vows amidst ancient olive trees, a sun-drenched wedding feast unfolding under their benevolent shade, and intimate moments embraced by the rustic allure of this Cortijo in southern Spain. More than a mere venue, this Cortijo is a sanctuary of privacy, a stage for dreams where your love story unfurls against the backdrop of olive groves and mountain panoramas.

At this impressive country house, your wedding takes centre stage as a special moment in an enduring story, where nature, design, and love come together beautifully. Experience the charm of this finca and begin a journey to create lasting memories of your magical day in the sunshine.


  • Maximum capacity100
  • Ceremony onsiteYes
  • Distance to nearest church20
  • Distance to nearest airport90
  • Distance to nearest beach60
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