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Elegant Mallorcan Wedding Venue

Mallorca, a Mediterranean gem, allures couples worldwide to mark their special moments amid its breathtaking landscapes and rich history. For those desiring an elegant, rustic wedding, a Mallorcan venue stands out.

This 13th-century estate in Mallorca is more than just a venue; it’s an immersive experience. With 2000 square meters of meticulously maintained gardens, an outdoor marquee accommodating up to 400 guests, and three indoor rooms steeped in centuries of history, this rustic Mallorcan finca embodies timeless elegance and is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable wedding.
Located just 30 minutes from Palma, Mallorca’s capital, this locale has a history intertwined with remarkable weddings. In 1953, Alfonso Vivo Triay gifted the property to his daughter, Leonor Vivo i Squella. Sixty years later, Nicolás Morell, Alfonso Vivo’s great-grandson, and Lucia Doglio, the Finca’s current overseers, celebrated their own wedding here.
The Finca’s lush gardens flourish during summer weddings, while its interiors boast an impressive oil mill, Tafona, dating back to 1729, a 16th-century Celler, and a 17th-century Aljibe. With a legacy spanning nearly a thousand years on the island and around three thousand years in the surrounding lands, the Finca exudes an air of mystery and legend.
Recent extensive renovations have seamlessly blended 21st-century needs with timeless charm, making it a favoured choice for couples in search of romance.
This historic Mallorcan rural estate, with its magnificent structures, provides a versatile canvas for unique celebrations. Whether it’s the gardens, courtyards, cellar’s Gothic arches, or the 16th-century Tafona’s original mechanisms, every corner of the Finca provides a backdrop for creating unforgettable memories.
Mallorca, with this rustic Finca, offers the perfect stage for your love story to unfold, surrounded by the echoes of centuries gone by.


  • Maximum capacity400
  • Ceremony onsiteYes
  • Distance to nearest church15
  • Distance to nearest airport30
  • Distance to nearest beach30
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