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Welcome to Sunshine Weddings Spain – leading wedding planners for the south of Spain and Mallorca. For over twenty years we have specialised in finding your perfect wedding venue, alongside planning every last detail of our couples’ special day. Our dedicated planners are always on-hand to guide, advise, support and help you make the most important day of their life truly unforgettable.

Organising a wedding is never easy, especially when choosing to marry abroad, which is why our bridal couples leave the tough stuff to us so they can focus on the parts that mean the most to them. Our job as wedding planners in Mallorca, Marbella and the Malaga region isn’t to take over your wedding ideas or make all the decisions; it’s simply to enhance your vision of the perfect destination wedding. We work together with couples to ensure that not only is planning their dream wedding in Spain easy…but it’s a lot of stress-free fun too!

At Sunshine Weddings Spain we manage wedding celebrations of all faiths – including spectacular Jewish and Hindu weddings stretching out over a number of days. We work with both Koshers and Halal suppliers, as well as partners who speak a number of languages. Our wedding partners provide the very best service in the area and are always sensitive to your requirements. Because we understand how difficult it is to manage a wedding budget, we are the only wedding planners in Spain who don’t accept payment until a week before the wedding. We know how eager you are to get started, which is why we don’t slow things down demanding down-payments and deposits. We appreciate that you have chosen to place your trust in us, which is why over the last twenty years we’ve placed our trust in our couples. So plan your big day now, and worry about payments later.

‘Why do I need a wedding planner?’ is a question we get asked a lot. Why, when we all have online access to suppliers and venues worldwide, is a wedding planner so important? Take a look at our short Q&A below and discover the advantages of having one of our team assist you with your destination wedding in locations including Malaga and Mallorca.

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Scott Gibbons

Wedding Planner

Before moving to Spain in 1999, Scott was involved in over 400 events throughout Europe, Asia and Australia with Sunshine Events.

When Scott’s sister Lisa decided to marry in Spain in 2002 together they formed Sunshine Weddings Spain. From Scott’s experience in organizing Lisa’s wedding and the events he has worked on over the years he has a wealth of expertise and knowledge with the pressures that a wedding day can bring, and with his calm and approachable manner he is able to ensure each event is as perfect as the next.

Scott is renowned for putting his heart and soul into each and every wedding, not just the day, but the entire process from start to finish.

“I feel very lucky to be doing a job that I truly love; the attention to detail in each area of the planning process, and the quality that the Sunshine Weddings Spain team delivers to each Bride and Groom’s special event ensures everlasting memories for the whole bridal party. To be in involved in each wedding is an honour and I am proud to have put together such a great Sunshine Weddings Spain team! I look forward to creating many more Weddings in Spain in the years to come.”

Scott Gibbons

Raquel Bonnici

Wedding Co-ordinator, Sunshine Weddings Spain

Raquel, who has lived in Marbella most of her life, became one of our lead wedding co-ordinators in 2016.

In the winter months she’s busy showing couples around the venues and assisting with food tastings and choosing suppliers, and during the wedding season it’s non-stop weddings.

Calm, knowledgeable and super friendly, Raquel is always on hand to turn your wedding dreams into a reality.
Getting to know Raquel


Sunshine Weddings Spain is a close-knit team with a shared love of weddings. What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love to meet new people, the attention to detail I have to put into every wedding and the challenge of making sure that a couple’s big day is truly the best day of their lives!


We’ve worked on some really enjoyable weddings together. What has been your funniest moment?

Probably the time I had to conduct a groomsman meeting with a groom and his five ushers in the walk-in fridge because they were all dressed in 3 piece wool suits in 39C heat! Always think about your attire when marrying in the sunshine.


What makes you laugh?

I have a very British sense of humour so I would say comedies like Only Fools and Horses…and my cats!


What’s your favourite part of any wedding?

My thirty seconds chat with the bride just as she is about to walk down the aisle. And if the Dad cries, I always cry too.

I love to meet new people, the attention to detail I have to put into every wedding and the challenge of making sure that a couple’s big day is truly the best day of their lives!

Raquel Bonnici
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