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Wedding Planner Mallorca: Why We Love to Help Couples Celebrate on the Idyllic Island.

Sunshine Weddings is well known for its many years of destination wedding planning in mainland Spain. It’s a service that they are very proud to have been providing for bridal couples from all over the world since 2002, with over 900 weddings to date.

But they are also experts when it comes to organising weddings on the magical Balearic island of Mallorca.

Today Scott Gibbons, owner of the company, shares his enthusiasm and expertise on not only the beauty, but the many practical benefits of planning a wedding in Mallorca:

Scott Gibbons, Wedding Planner
Scott Gibbons, founder of Sunshine Weddings Spain.

“Whilst we have planned and helped to bring weddings to life in a number of Spanish destinations; Barcelona, Ibiza, southern Spain and Mallorca, we feel that with southern Spain and the island of Mallorca, we have the perfect blend of coverage for almost all types of venues available.

As a business, it makes sense for us to focus on these two destinations. We even have our own team of wedding planners based in Mallorca, and, of course I also make regular visits. In this way, we are able to streamline what we do whilst still providing a plentiful array of venues. And our Mallorca-based team of experts carry out a stellar job, making sure every detail runs smoothly, with huge support from local teams of providers such as celebrants, caterers, cake-makers, photographers, and hair and make-up experts.

Countryside wedding finca in Spain’s Mallorca.

From beautiful villas to countryside fincas, luxury beach weddings to rustic molinos, and a catalogue of stunning hotels besides, we are delighted to be in a position to offer such a brilliant range of choices for couples who are looking to celebrate their wedding in this lovely part of the world.

Billie, Wedding Photographer Mallorca
Mallorca has fantastic photo opportunties all over the island.

Mallorca (and the Costa del Sol and southern Spain) also offer our clients far better value for money. And ethically, that’s really important to us. We absolutely loved working in Ibiza a few years ago, and had a great experience there, but ultimately its luxury venues just cannot compete when it comes to pricing, with what Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic islands has to offer brides and grooms. And Barcelona may offer a great city venue product, but sadly it too, cannot compete with Mallorca’s much wider range of beach-style and fairy-tale relaxed venues.

Mallorca is simply teeming (in a good way) with a great range of dream destination wedding venues. Whether our bridal couples are seeking a quality hotel or a rustic finca, the island has an abundance of superb properties at competitive prices.

A private wedding venue; a hidden gem of tranquillity in Mallorca

Mallorca also benefits from an increased volume in flights – particularly from the UK – as well as lower cost flights over the summer months, making it easy for friends and family to join in with the celebrations. Paired with a fairy-tale landscape (from beaches to mountains, and orange groves to rugged cliffs), and some seriously avant garde and award-winning cuisine, it is a fabulous all-round wedding destination.

Fresh fruit for a wedding in Mallorca.

It’s always quite a magical moment after the plane has touched down in Palma and you jump in your hire car, knowing that within 10 minutes of the airport, you can be in the classy and sophisticated capital of the island, soaking up its stunning architecture: Palma’s striking cathedral on the right, and the palm-fringed marina on the left as you drive by.

It’s such a captivating place and you just want to stop for a leisurely cortado in a Spanish cafe in the pedestrianized streets of the Old Town to watch the world go by.

The Mallorcan government have also done a first-class job with the island’s architecture. New building work is well-versed in the use of natural stone, all of which only adds to the overall allure.

Stunning rural wedding venue in Mallorca
A chic rural wedding venue in Mallorca.

All in all, Mallorca truly does make for a magical destination wedding venue, and it’s one of the great joys of my job that we get to help so many wonderful couples celebrate their wedding day there.”