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10 Of The Best Spanish Wedding Dishes


10 Of The Best Spanish Wedding Dishes: When people imagine a wedding in Spain, they first think of sunshine, then of all those charming Spanish wedding venues and then, inevitably, the amazing food and drink on offer. How can you not? Spain is, after all, famed for some of the best wedding dishes in the Mediterranean.

A typical Spanish paella, a popular dish with many wedding guests.

The weddings we plan in the south of Spain and Mallorca offer amazing venues, weather and food plus one vital ingredient – we only work alongside the very best chefs and caterers in Spain. Our suppliers also use local producers and vineyards to ensure that our bridal couples get to enjoy the best dishes Spain has to offer.

Although we are able to supply any food you fancy on your special day, here’s our top ten list of the best Spanish food and how to incorporate it into your wedding day menu!

1. Paella
Although paella is not traditionally served at weddings, it makes a great dish for a casual beach wedding, or for post- and pre-wedding parties. Served in a large pan over a giant gas ring (some paella dishes are big enough to serve up to 200 guests) the dish is made from rice, peas, onions, bell peppers and the all important yellow ingredient – saffron. A paella can be ‘mixta’ (seafood and meat), just meat or fish, and there are also vegetarian options. It’s a fun, informal, group meal to enjoy outdoors.

Spanish Wedding Food Paella
A paella, a fun, informal, group meal to enjoy outdoors.

2. Jamon Serrano
Cured ham, traditionally sliced directly from the pig’s leg, is a much-loved Spanish delicacy. The Pata Negra version (free range pigs fed solely on acorns) is even more revered and sough-after. Much firmer than the Italian Parma ham, it is often served as a tapas on its own – or alongside ‘pan con tomate’ (bread covered in grated tomato, olive oil and salt). We can even supply a traditional carver at your wedding to cut the meat fresh for your guests.

Spanish Wedding Food Ham
Jamon Serrano, a much-loved Spanish delicacy.

3. Seafood
From crispy calamari (deep fried squid), Pulpo a la Gallega (octopus with potato), to large mussels and garlic prawns – one thing Spain excels in is its seafood. Whether as part of a seafood dish, or individually served as part of your canapes, you won’t get fresher or tastier seafood than this.

4. Local wines and sherry

In the south of Spain we work with local producers of some of the region’s finest wines. Rioja isn’t the only grape that is grown in the country. So why not try out some of the great organic wines coming out of Ronda or Gaucin. Plus the region of Jerez, where sherry originated, is also in Andalucia. We can supply a traditional sherry pourer at your special day to give your guests a taste of a popular Spanish tipple served the correct way.

5. Olives
It’s rare to find a bar in Spain and Mallorca that won’t serve you olives with every drink, and thank goodness for that. With dozens, if not hundreds, of variants to choose from, do make sure your guests have some to pick on during cocktail hour.

Liquid olives served as a starter at a Spanish wedding venue.

6. Gazpacho
Often chosen as a starter, gazpacho is a richly flavoured soup…served cold! A refreshing alternative to your usual first dish, the soup is made from blended tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber, onion, olive oil and garlic. The perfect way to cool down on a hot day.

Gazpacho, a simple yet elegant starter for you Spanish-themed wedding menu.

7. Tapas What are tapas? They can be made from anything, as long as they are delicious, Spanish and served in tiny portions. From seafood and cured meats, to sliced cheese and more elaborate concoctions – no Spanish wedding is complete without guests enjoying canapes Spanish style with their pre-dinner drinks.

Spanish Wedding Food Tapas
No Spanish wedding is complete without guests enjoying canapes Spanish style.

8. Cava’Spain’s answer to Champagne, this robust bubbly treat is a must at any Spanish occasion. Better priced than its French counterpart, our bridal couples tend to opt for plenty of Cava to greet guests with, for the cocktail hour, for the toasts and to keep the party going into the early morning.

9. Cheeses’Whether you wish to include a variety of Spanish cheeses as part of your canapes or a cheese board at the end of the meal – some of the finest Spanish cheese can be sourced locally by our excellent catering partners. From Manchego and Formatge Mallorquí, to local goat’s cheese, the south of Spain and Mallorca produce some really fantastic selections.

The south of Spain and Mallorca produce some really fantastic cheese selections.

10. Churros con Chocolate
We’ve saved the best until last. No, this isn’t some fancy dessert or delicate pastry dish – it’s the staple of any Spaniard’s ‘morning after the night before’ breakfast. Deep fried donut-like strips

Churros con Chocolate a typical Spanish breakfast, especially after a night out partying into the small hours.