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Beach Wedding Venue In Estepona Spain



Getting married in Estepona Spain became Kathryn and Lawrence’s dream come true This stunning couple from Kent decided on the chic but very relaxed and tranquil setting of a beach club in Estepona Spain for their wedding in Spain.


Inviting around 80 close friends who all were extremely honoured and excited to be able to, not only celebrate their wedding, but to see them get married in Spain in a stunning setting and enjoy some sun, beach and good times. This was not your average wedding where you pray the sun will come out but where you wake up to clear blue stunning skies golden beaches and the sound of the waves lapping against the shore, who could ask for more!!!


Kathryn’s first visit was an extremely productive one with her heart set on one venue which she loved however, as any wedding planner in Spain should do, the team at Sunshine Weddings Spain wanted to show Kathryn an alternative option to make sure she had found the right wedding venue in Estepona Spain. Both were set near the sea however the 2nd option that we took Kathryn to meant she could have a beach wedding in Spain and for this very reason she totally fell in love with the setting and idea of getting married in Spain on the golden sandy beach.


Kathryn wanted to have her close friends with her during her decision making and therefore her bridesmaids accompanied her for her first visit, and the second, visit a very good friend who wanted to see her beach wedding venue in Estepona Spain so she could design her wedding dress which suited the setting and theme of Kathryn’s beach wedding in Estepona Spain perfectly.


The celebrations began and a walk way and gazebo was set up on the golden sands as center stage for Kathryn and Lawrence’s stunning beach wedding ceremony in Estepona Spain. The service was very relaxed, as the bride and groom had both requested, and the setting just took everyone’s breathe away.

The bride and groom’s cocktail hour was held on the beach just before sunset providing a spectacular view of the horizon where guests listened to Jazz provided by the fabulous Linda and Danny a well known and very popular duo along the coast.


The dinner was held in the dining area where they all enjoyed drinks and touching speeches before indulging in some mouth watering food ready to then dance the night away.


Our sincere well wishes are sent to Kathryn and James – we wish you all the best of luck in your new married life together!