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Film & photo wedding art in Spain | Husband & wife photographer & film team


Full service film & photo wedding art in Spain…

Film & photo wedding art in Spain | Husband & wife photographer & film team
Film & photo wedding art in Spain.

When it comes to your big day, a wedding film brings your story to life and the presence of a wedding photographer and videographer is considered a crucial part of any wedding, and today we are delighted to catch up with husband & wife photographer & film team, who give us an insight into how they create timeless photographs and films of beautiful weddings.

Timeless photographs of beautiful weddings.
Firstly, thank you, Josefin, for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us today, secondly, please tell us a bit about you (where are you from) and how you started in photography and wedding photography?

I’m Josefin Westin, I’m originally from Finland and I’m the owner and photographer in the wedding photography & videography team Josefin Westin Photo & film. We are a husband and wife team photographing and filming weddings all over Europe, with lots of weddings in Spain every year. (Mostly in Costa del Sol and Mallorca).

I started my company in 2011 when I was only 18 years old, photographing mostly horse competitions in the beginning. I’m social and a people person, so for me it became really natural to work with people. I started photographing weddings in 2015, and in 2017 my husband Ola joined my firm and became a wedding videographer. In 2018 we photographed our very first destination wedding (in Mallorca).

The newlyweds just married in Spain.
I believe you are a husband wife team, how would you describe your photography style and who does what?

As a photographer & film team our style is pretty similar – fun, colorful and full of life. I focus on the photography and business side of the partnership, and Ola concentrates on the videography. The best part of being a team of two, is that I care about Ola getting good videos, and he cares about my photos. We work really well together, and it’s just so much more fun to work with your partner!

How would you describe your working style? Do you prefer to blend into the background to capture candid moments, or do you like to be more visible and take charge to choreograph images?

We mainly focus on documenting the wedding day as it is – we try to blend in really well, and work mainly documentary, mingle among the guests capturing candid moments. During portraits and group photos Josefin helps with getting the guests to pose as he doesn’t mind getting everyone’s attention to get the perfect group shot.

That said, we prefer to do it in a natural way that feels right with the couple’s personalities and not “disturb” the wedding, making ourselves as invisible as possible to capture the true essence and emotion of the day.

A beautifully captured wedding ceremony.
What is included in your standard package?

Our standard package includes a full gallery of around 700-800 edited pictures. Josefin always delivers a lot of pictures since it helps to tell the story. We also deliver lots of video material including: teasers, highlight video, full ceremony video as well as a long video with all speeches, programs and first dance. We want our couples to be able to relive the day over and over again!

How long after the wedding can the bridal couple expect to receive the images? And in what format?

After the wedding our couples receive 10-20 sneak peeks 24 hours after their wedding! It’s always so much fun to watch our couples posting their wedding announcements on social media after the wedding, so we always want to be quick with delivery. Teaser and highlight video after around 4 weeks, and full gallery through a web gallery in 10 weeks. Our couples also get a USB box with all their videos in 14 weeks.

Natural wedding photography by Josefin Westin Photo & film.
Any advice for those bashful couples, who struggle to pose naturally?

We are from Finland, and Finnish people are really shy, so we understand those camera-shy couples and can help them relax and enjoy the photo session, giving lots of input and tips to help them know what to do! We use a lot of actions instead of poses – like walking, kissing, hugging. My best advice, however, is to trust your photographer, and just be yourself! Oh, and always stand super close together, that always makes a big difference in photos!

Any funny anecdotes that you can share with us that have happened to you at a wedding?

A fun anecdote from me, is that once I had a bride cut off her dress train before the first dance. She had planned it though. We also had one bride who wanted to get in the water for a “trash the dress session” at the beach the day after the wedding, such a great way to get more portraits! They had a beach dinner party with all their guests, and everyone joined and cheered them on, it was incredible.

Twilight wedding reception in Spain.
What do you like to do in your spare time?

In our spare time we like to travel together, and do some hiking. I have a horse, I love riding and spend a lot of time at the stables, and Ola likes to go to the gym. We also really like to try new restaurants.

A huge thank you , Josefin and Ola, for sharing your insight into what it takes to be a great film and photo wedding art team. Thank you also for sharing with us these stunning snaps. We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing more of your outstanding photos this wedding season.
Beautiful wedding photography by Josefin Westin Photo & film.