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Interview With Costa Del Sol Wedding Styling Experts


Interview With Costa Del Sol Wedding Styling Experts: Beautiful Decor Ideas for a Spanish Destination Celebration…

When planning a wedding, there are a whole host of exciting styling options to add that magical touch to celebrations.

Today we talk to an innovative company based in southern Spain. They’ve been offering exactly that to brides and grooms from all over the world for more than a decade. Their range of stunning decorative styling concepts make the perfect backdrop to any destination wedding on the Costa del Sol.

Whilst our Sunshine Weddings season runs April through to October, and whilst the weather is mostly glorious in this part of Europe, occasionally unexpected wind and/or rain can bring us a small challenge. This is when luxury wedding tents and marquees come into their own; offering immediate stylish yet functional solutions, which blend in so seamlessly with surroundings, it’s as if they were always part of the wedding day!

One of the fairy-tale interior design possibilities; beautiful chandeliers and drapes
One of the fairy-tale interior design possibilities; beautiful chandeliers and drapes

Without further ado, let’s find out more from our featured wedding supplier:

Your company is well-known for offering elegant and beautiful wedding tents and decorative styling to weddings on the Costa del Sol. How long has the company been operating and what inspired you to start it?

We have been running for 12 years, covering the entire Costa del Sol and other areas of Andalusia besides. We recognized there was a real need – and niche – to offer and create a detailed and intimate environment for bridal couples; to establish a totally different type of service especially for weddings, with outstanding attention to detail; something that was adaptable to different types of venues.
Not only are our clients looking for a large white luxury tent or marquee; they also need the perfect lighting, and the potential for protection against the elements. But that’s just the beginning. After extensive market research, we knew we wanted to offer them so much more: a fairy-tale. Our mission is to create dream environments with decorative fabrics, crystal chandeliers and coloured spotlights. Our mission is also to make each wedding event unique, not just for the bride and groom, but for every one of their special guests.

You must have provided marquees and gazebos for some very luxurious weddings on the Costa del Sol over the years; from villas to beaches, and hotels to fincas. But what are your favorite structures for large weddings? And how can they be embellished with floral accessories and lighting?

We absolutely love all of our structures, but if we had to choose a favourite, it would be our transparent tents. When we decorate them with crystal chandeliers and coloured lights, we can create a truly magical and unique space. In addition to tents and marquees, we also assemble fabric structures to protect guests from the sun, using wooden structures and cloth-lined trusses.

Fairy lights and chandeliers create a magical backdrop for evening celebrations
Fairy lights and chandeliers create a magical backdrop for evening celebrations

And what are your favorite structures for small and intimate ceremonies?

The ceremony decor can be assembled in many ways for smaller celebrations. We offer gazebos decorated with fabric and flowers; wooden structures, flower arches, and bamboo arches with fabric and flowers. There are so many styling possibilities. The ceremony is such an intimate and special moment for us, that any type of styling embellishment that better captures this snapshot in time for a couple, goes!

Rustic weddings have really grown in popularity in recent years. Your tents and marquees must fit perfectly with this theme… especially considering the impressive boho-chic flower and lighting styles that can be incorporated in interior design.

Bohemian-style weddings are full of magic and charm. The structures that we assemble for these types of celebrations are, in fact, the same as we would work with for other events. The main difference is we are decorating with natural elements – particularly flowers. We love to imitate nature inside these spaces with stunning flora and fauna. We need a lot of creative vision – and luckily we have it in abundance! – since the tents and marquees are devoid of interior structure when we assemble them. But then everything is draped with beautiful fabric ceilings and curtains and totally transformed into a fairy-tale tableau. Essentially, we create a celebration room that can be put up and taken down in a day. We pride ourselves in creating one-off environments; each wedding, each event being completely unique.

Stylish contemporary custom-made design that's perfect for weddings
Stylish contemporary custom-made design that’s perfect for weddings

We are blessed with an abundance of sun on this stretch of coastline… but sometimes the weather can surprise us! What options and accessories can you provide when it becomes unexpectedly windy or rainy?

All our tents have side curtains that imitate windows and can easily be assembled. This means in the event of rain, there is an effective system already in place for water drainage from the roof to the gutter. It also insulates guests from the cold. The English-style window side curtains have the added advantage of allowing the wedding party to continue to admire the exterior – often a beautiful garden, or a panoramic sea and mountain view. We can also provide cosy heating systems and stoves.

What would you say to a couple who are trying to decide if they should incorporate a tent or marquee into their wedding day planning?

Depending on the date of the wedding, we always allow for a tent/marquee budget in our prices, in case of unexpected weather. When rain is forecast, we always advise that these structures are assembled – since five minutes of rain without cover can put a dampener (excuse the pun) on the most beautiful day of your life!

The elegant white domes of a wedding tent
The elegant white domes of a wedding tent

Can you tell us a little about your most favorite wedding? Or have there been any really unusual weddings with unique themes for which you have provided your styling services?

It’s impossible to narrow it down to a single celebration! Every wedding is special. You create a bond with every couple you meet; you are working together to visualise and plan one of the most special moments in their life, after all. We have helped to shape weddings of many kinds; weddings for many different cultures, too.
However, a recent celebration does spring to mind. We worked with a couple from Madrid. In this case, we set up a very rustic wedding, in a beautiful Molino. We used truss structures to create shade, stunning fabrics, bamboo chairs, and imperial tables. The whole project, from beginning to end, was a wonderful and rewarding experience. There’s truly no greater feeling than creating a bond with your clients.