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Introducing Rebecca Davidson Wedding Photographer


We are delighted to announce that internationally renowned wedding photographer Rebecca Davidson will now be working alongside Sunshine Weddings to capture our couple’s special day. Regularly having her photos featured in leading wedding magazines, you can be sure that your photos will be anything but ordinary.

Rebecca Davidson Beach image.

I was born in England and attended school in Guernsey in the Channel Islands before moving with my family to the Cayman Islands in my teens. When I was 14 I was given my first camera, an Olympus OM10, which I fell in love with. I had found my ‘paintbrush’ and quickly became the family photographer.

I have photographed kids, new-borns, families and pets in my studio, but I absolutely love photographing LOVE. I enjoy nothing more than capturing the excitement, romance and the stories each couple brings to each wedding. I love everything about my job, particularly the excitement, the tears and the raw emotion that I see through that lens. It is these precious moments which I can’t wait to share with the bride and groom.

A professional wedding photographer will capture the very best on your special day.

Fun, passionate, intimate, romantic and joyful – that’s my style. However, as a wedding photographer I feel that you need to adapt to the style of the couple and their families. If it were my wedding it would be documentary, photojournalistic, boho with a bit of fun and some styled shots plus a lot of intimate, natural captures. Is that too many? Many brides and grooms want candid shots, but need help posing. Other couples want nothing posed, but the parents want that classic portrait, all at the same time. So, as far as I’m concerned, I am your photographer and I will help get the shots you want.

My inspiration comes from print and the web. I love flicking through magazines or Instagram and saving and bookmarking shots that inspire me. I am blown away at the beautiful images and can’t wait to produce something creative.

A unique photo of a bridal couple on their special day.

My job allows me to share some incredible moments. I was recently blessed to work on a wedding where the groom’s mum was unable to attend the wedding due to a severe illness which developed two weeks before the date. The groom didn’t know this, but we had arranged to run a 40-foot cord down the beach and Skyped in his mum, who dressed up in her wedding outfit, so she could ‘attend’ her son’s wedding. When he walked down the aisle he was so happy, he cried and blew kisses to her. It was very emotional and after the ceremony everyone wanted pictures with her. It was a very special moment.

Bridal Car Fun Image, Spain.

I get to meet people from all walks of life. I loved my wedding with Grace Gealy and Trai Byers because they are a couple on screen as well as in real life. Their wedding was gorgeous.

I also really enjoyed working with Jimmy Rollins and his beautiful wife Johari. He even humoured me and signed a cricket bat (he is a pro baseball player) and with his permission we then auctioned it off and raised money for cystic fibrosis. He was a good sport to do that.

Rebecca Davidson Beach image

Your wedding photographer should make you feel at ease; I believe you should be comfortable to talk about what you like and what you don’t like. You should be able to come up with ideas together that excite you. It is so important to love the work you see on their web/blog because these are the images that they love to photograph.

I like the bride and groom to know they can always offer their opinion. If there is something they don’t like or want to do, they can just let you know. I also honestly feel that a great timeline is vitally important to a successful wedding – as is sticking to it! That way there here will always be enough time to photograph and document your day with enough wiggle room for unexpected delays.

The bride and groom and their crew.

I consider the ceremony and vows to be very important and should remain an intimate part of the day. I believe that, during this time, the photographer’s place is in the distance, capturing the vows and emotions in the most unobtrusive way possible. During the ‘getting ready’ part of the day and the cocktail hour, I find the best shots are candid, so I also need to go unnoticed during these times. Having long lenses and good glass helps capture those type of shots.

Fun beach wedding photo.

Photographing weddings has changed the way I see life. I don’t take things for granted. Love is hard. You must keep working at it. Photographing weddings at the beginning of the couple’s love story helps to remind me of how you need to be in love 20 years later. It doesn’t just stay that way, it’s a journey and something you must work at. It’s a beautiful thing.