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Wedding Makeup In Spain


Wedding Makeup In Spain: In part 1 of a make up artist in Marbella we spoke to Nicola McGeorge about Makeup in Spain…

We continue with a further part to this interview.

Wedding Makeup In Spain.

Do brides really need a professional makeup artist?

Your or a friend’s skills may be passable for an everyday make-up or even a night out, but a professional make-up artist comes equipped with the knowledge and experience to guarantee your wedding makeup will stay intact throughout the day and into the night. A properly trained artist will know how to highlight your best features and hide anything that you aren’t so happy with. We know which colours will make your eyes ‘pop’ and which ones will conceal any dark circles, pigmentation flaws or blemishes.

Wedding Makeup In Progress
Wedding Makeup In Progress.

Professionally done makeup will ensure that you look beautiful under any light, whether it’s outdoor sunshine or flash photography. There will be no flash back when you receive your wedding photos (a common issue where you have used the wrong product and look like a ghost when the flash of a camera hits you.)

Natural wedding makeup.

A make-up artist’s kit will be full of tried and tested high quality products; many everyday products and application methods don’t translate well on camera. They will also be experienced in creating looks that last in extreme conditions. For example, if you are getting married in Spain you will need make-up products which last under conditions such as humidity and sweat. A good make-up artist will carry specialised products, even special effects make-up products, which are created for situations like this. I have invested in everything from products which combat sweating (designed for dancers) to setting sprays which were created to ensure actors’ make-up lasts on set all day when filming in the Caribbean. You can’t get more humid than that!

Beautiful Spanish bride.

What do you enjoy about doing bridal makeup?

Bridal makeup is very different from working on campaigns or film. You tend to form an emotional connection with your bride, as being part of someone’s wedding day really allows you to connect with people on a deep level. I get to know the friends and family and even find out amazing and sometimes inspiring stories about their lives.

I love to see my clients happy. I love to see them smile when I have finished their makeup. A bride really appreciates my ability to help them look and feel special.

Bridal Preparations
Bridal Preparations in Spain.

I especially enjoy learning about different faiths and customs and am blessed to work with brides from a variety of different religions. Jewish weddings are a particular favourite of mine and, if I am booked to stay on for the whole event even better, as you cannot beat the atmosphere at a Jewish wedding once the dancing begins.

I also work on many Indian weddings, which tend to be three or four day events, so I really get to be part of the celebrations. I love doing Asian bridal makeup as it means I get to play with colour and glitter. What more could a girl ask for?

A huge thank you to Nicola for taking the time to chat with us and best wishes for the Summer Season in Marbella.

Professional makeup artist in Spain.