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Wedding Cakes With Sunshine Weddings Spain


Delicious Wedding Cakes With Sunshine Weddings Spain…

Wedding cake designs spain
Wedding cake designs Spain.

It’s the season to get engaged, and with all the wedding planning and questions regarding the finer details the team at Sunshine Weddings Spain thought it would be a good idea to touch upon some wedding cake ideas to help our brides along the way in preparing for their big day.

Wedding cakes are a huge focal point to any bride and groom’s day, the cake is a sign of good luck and adds to the concept of your wedding; you can bring in your colours, flowers and add character to your wedding cake if you have a specific theme to your day it can provide the backdrop to your photos and is a wonderful keepsake which makes it an even better decision to marry in the sun and colourful culture of the Spanish Mediterranean and Balearic Islands.

We thought it would be a good idea to obtain some expert feedback and advice from Debbie Sheridan of Wedding Cakes Spain. Debbie is based on the Costa del Sol and has catered for many brides from all over the world who have chosen to get married in Spain and asked her to make their wedding cake creations.

What do you think the most important factor you need to think about when deciding on the style and design of your wedding cake especially when getting married in Spain?

“The style of the cake should echo the theme of the wedding, the flowers in the brides bouquet, the colours of the bridesmaids dresses, the bridal gown is also an important feature in the design of the cake; a special piece of lace or pearls and drapes can be’added to’the design.

wedding cake theme spain
Wedding cake theme, Spain.

The actual venue is important because this can vary greatly, especially here in Spain, you can have Rustic Fincas in the Campo’or very grand palatial hotels or beautiful beach locations, all of which can be reflected’in the style of cake.

Spanish beach theme wedding cake
Spanish beach theme wedding cake.

Design inspiration can also come from the latest Couture fashions, which I follow closely; last season the vintage style was very much in vogue and is to continue into 2013. More inspiration in the way of popular TV programs like ‘Sex’in the City’ helped me to make this sparkling crystal creation, my favourite for 2012.

Vintage Wedding cake Spain
Vintage wedding cake, Spain.

The flavours of course are an important factor when making a cake for a bride and groom in Spain and are very much a personal choice but you can choose from:

  • Fruitcake
  • Vanilla
  • Lemon Drizzle
  • Carrot cake
  • Chocolate fudge
  • White chocolate champagne
  • Coconut lime

I discuss all of these factors with the bridal couple and by using sketches and magazine photos etc. together we design and create something bespoke.

Everything is made personally from the baking to the hand made flowers and appliqued’decorations.”

A huge thanks to Debbie who has given us some great guidance and inspiration to all our Spanish brides thinking about their wedding cake ideas.

Debbie Sheridan from Cakes Costa del Sol, Spain.