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Wedding DJ Steve Brings a Taste of Ibiza to Celebrations in Southern Spain…

You are in for a treat today! Sunshine Weddings Spain couldn’t be more excited to feature Steve, a truly innovative DJ who has brought his eclectic style to southern Spain, and the brides and grooms who travel here for a wow factor destination wedding venue:
Steve, wedding DJ
Steve, wedding DJ
I’ve been a professional DJ for over 30 years.  DJs Frankie Knuckles (RIP), David Morales, and Purple Disco Machine have all provided me with so much inspiration over the course of my career.
I first got into the events market at 18 years old when I was working for an event planner called Banana Split. By the time I was 19, I was regularly doing functions at The Carlton Towers, The Dorchester, and The Mayfair hotel. I’m relatively new to the Costa del Sol – although I have done some DJing for weddings in Marbella before – but I only permanently moved here recently, so I contacted my old pal Scott to let him know I was available to hire for Sunshine Weddings Spain’s couples and their guests. Scott knows my work well as an event DJ since we have known each other for a long time.
Steve is also very renowned on the Ibiza music scene, so he told us a little more about that fascinating journey…
I lived in Ibiza for eight years, and I’m resident DJ for Soul Heaven at the very popular O Beach Club. I also ran Carwash Ibiza at Pikes from 2014-2016. The night was so popular that Sony music asked us to front a compilation called Carwash disco classics, as the night was all about Classic disco and Nu-disco.
Steev DJing in Ibiza
Steve DJing in Spain’s Ibiza.
I got into DJing because I love music – not for the money (or the women!) – but for my love of music. So I always try to have a meeting with the bride and groom to find out what music they want for their first dance, as well as finding out what music they and their friends like in general. I can then come up with ideas for the play list. I rarely play the same set twice. I will always try to tailor-make the music to the clients’ musical taste.
Marbella has fabulous locations and wedding venues. Ibiza has some beautiful areas for weddings, too. My most memorable wedding experience would have to be my own one which was at Pikes Hotel, Ibiza in 2014. Some of the best parties in Spain are in Ibiza, too; Spandau Ballet’s after party was a lot of fun, and Soul Heaven parties at O beach club always rock – this year excluded because of the pandemic…
I’m keen to emulate that Ibiza spirit here on the Costa del Sol.
What I try to do is play the most popular songs from different genres to get people up on the dancefloor; it’s hard to name just one song that always works no matter what as people have different music tastes, but Black Eyed Peas ‘I Gotta Feeling’, Earth, Wind and Fire ‘Boogie Wonderland’, and ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson are three that spring to mind.
Steve, wedding DJ
Wedding DJ in Spain.
I get booked up very quickly, even during this pandemic I am working regularly at a local beach club. Next year’s diary is already looking busy – most of September I’m already booked up, and my season is all starting around May!
The main challenge as a DJ is the heat, as people love to get married outside in the sunshine with beautiful views, and I don’t blame them. If there isn’t enough air conditioning that can affect the dancing later on. I find the professionalism in Spanish venues as good as anywhere else I have worked though, so apart from the heat there’s never any other issues… aside from 2020, of course! I woke up on March 17th and every booking I had for Ibiza, and all my private work was cancelled, leaving my diary empty. That’s when it’s time to think outside the box: as soon as lockdown was lifted, I contacted a beach club in Torrox, in southern Spain, called The Mogador, and came up with a concept which was fresh to the area (everyone around here plays reggaeton) so I set up a night playing disco and house music classics; it’s proven really popular and most weeks all the tables sell out.
Steve at Soul Week, Ibiza
Steve at Soul Week, Ibiza.
That’s what I love to do, make people enjoy themselves.
It’s been fantastic catching up with Steve. His enthusiasm for his music career is infectious! We look forward to working with him many times in the coming months and years to create some sensational wedding celebrations.