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Hair & Make up Advice For A Wedding In Spain


Hair & Make up Advice For A Wedding In Spain…

Lorraine 001
Bridal hair and makeup.


In Part One we met Hair and Makeup Artist extraordinaire, Lorraine, and learnt all about her journey. In this interview Lorraine shares some of her tips of the trade for looking your best on your Spanish wedding day!

What are your three favourite tools of the trade?

My hands, hairspray and my base foundation.

What’s your favourite hair style for a Spanish wedding?

My favourite hairstyle tends to change every year. This year it was a sleek upstyle because it’s ‘so sophisticated. But in 2016 it could be something completely different.

lorraine 003
Sophisticated sleek upstyle bridal hair.


A wedding in Spain can be a pretty hot affair, so how do you recommend combating frizzy hair in the Spanish heat? (Originally the question was how do I combat frizzy hair in the Spanish heat…..however, if I was recommending….)

This question only really applies to brides with naturally frizzy hair. A Brazilian Blowout can be done at home before coming over for the wedding (I would plan to do this approximately 4 months before and then again, with the same stylist, approx 2 weeks before coming over for the wedding). However, if a bride is having their wedding on the coast close to the sea, for a ‘do’ that will hold in any weather, I would suggest a sleek upstyle. As the humidity increases throughout the day, wearing your hair (without any semi permanent treatment)’down with curls in the Spanish summer is just asking for a frizz disaster. ‘And no one wants that!

Elegant bridal hair.

What is the one DO NOT for hair and makeup in the heat?

Never ever do it yourself. Unless you are experienced at providing hair and makeup’styles that are designed specifically to withstand the heat, humidity, and perspiration, as well as tears, don’t go to the trouble of buying makeup and getting your relative from home to do it. Think about it – if after a night out dancing your hair style has dropped and your make up has slid off, then expect the same on your wedding day. Not a great look to be captured by your photographers and guests at the end of the night.

lorraine 004
Beautiful bridal hair by stylist Lorraine.


Many hair styles are determined by the style of the wedding gown. Do you have any tips for styling your hair to match your dress?

Many brides already have an idea of this. If there is any detail at the back of your dress that you want to show off, then wear your hair up or around the front on one shoulder Lace is romantic, so definitely incorporate soft curls into the style. Plus silk suits smooth, sleek upstyles as well as full long waves.

Bridal hair in Spain.

And finally – if you hadn’t become a hair and makeup artist, what would your dream job be?

I’m fortunate to have gained a huge amount of experience in all the areas of beauty in which I have trained. ‘Specialising in one specific field has always been my thing, that’s how I have perfected my art, so being a Facialist would have been another dream job for me. ‘Having the opportunity to perform ground-breaking anti-ageing treatments would feel just like this job – exciting, challenging, forever developing and rewarding Ultimately I just want to make women everywhere look and feel the best that they can, because there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a woman feel as fantastic as she looks!

Thanks Lorraine for talking to us today. We can’t wait to see many more of your happy and beautiful brides in 2016.

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Bridal preparations.