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Wedding Planning In Spain


Wedding Planning In Spain: Making Dreams Come True…

weddings in spain
Weddings in spain.


Weddings In Spain. You’ve dreamed of a storybook wedding in Spain with your very own Don Juan. You’ve seen and heard about weddings in Spain that seem so amazingly perfect you have to wonder if they were drawn straight out of the pages of a fairytale. And, now you’ve found your Don Juan and it’s time to live the dream. It’s time to write your fairytale wedding story.

Mountain view wedding venue in Spain.

As you start looking at weddings in Spain you quickly come to realize that there are stunning locations throughout the country, each with something unique to offer and every one would be brilliant. You are going to need to narrow the choices down a bit or making this fantasy a reality might just drive you crazy.

Stunning beachside wedding venue in Spain.

For weddings in Spain, focus on 3 spectacular areas

First and foremost, your Spanish wedding needs a spectacularly beautiful location and there are certainly plenty to be found but, there is one element to consider first. Any location you choose should be fairly easy to get to. You certainly don’t need the stress of an extra long trip to get to your Spanish wedding destination and you certainly don’t want to put your guests through the hassle of a long and expensive trip.

Romantic wedding venue in Spain’s Mijas.

For ease of travel consider Barcelona, Majorca or Malaga in southern Spain. You sacrifice nothing by choosing these locations and the short and simple trip will be appreciated. All three of these locations are popular tourist destinations so they are all well served by air. In fact, you’ll find several direct flights from all three London area airports.

So, with one quick consideration we’ve narrowed your list down from dozens to just 3 destinations and every one of them is spectacular. Now it’s time to really dig into the stories about weddings in Spain that have been hosted in these gorgeous destinations.

Private hacienda wedding venue in southern Spain.

Have a read through the other articles on this blog where you’ll find great stories about weddings in Spain that touch you and inspire you to make your dream wedding a reality. Weddings in Spain are the stuff of fairytales and there is no reason you can’t have one of your very own. Contact us and we’ll make this dream come true.

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