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Kids wedding entertainer Spain | Interview with Grammy winner Tina Kids


Thinking about hiring a kids wedding entertainer for your big day in Spain?

Kids wedding entertainer Spain, Tina Kids winner of Latin grammy award.
Kids wedding entertainer Spain, Tina Kids winner of Latin grammy award.

The Sunshine Wedding team has it covered with the fabulously fun Tina Kids, today’s feature guest.

Thanks for coming along today Tina, and for taking the time out of your busy schedule to tell us more about you and your vocation as a wedding entertainer for children and how you won a grammy award for the best Latin Children’s album in 2020.

First of all, tell us how your adventure in the entertainment world began?

My adventure began when I was seven years old, my father played the guitar and I’ve always loved music, so I begged my parents to sign me up to the music conservatory and was thrilled when I got accepted. There I qualified as a music teacher and choir director.

Since then I’ve enjoyed more than 18 years of fun, organizing events and entertainment for children all over the world.

In fact, I’m originally from Argentina, but now live in Estepona. But I have my grandfather to thank for instilling in me the love for travelling. He was especially fond of the Costa del Sol, and so am I.

After studying in the music conservatory, I decided to combine my love for music with my love for teaching, but with a twist, organising activities and projects that were entertaining for children.

Kids wedding entertainer Spain, Tina Kids winner of Latin grammy award.
Cover Album of grammy winning Canta y Juega.

I’ve even composed music to help children learn languages. This was a project organised by “Ale Kids.”—a specific English language teaching method for children. The project consisted of adapting the lyrics for 60 themes into musical songs.

This was a joint project I produced with my husband who is also a composer, and it was something very special for us to work on.

I’ve also performed for very exclusive events and prominent people such as Julio Iglesias’ children, members of the Spanish royal family and arab sheiks who have palaces in Malaga.

The combination of organising fun activities for children and music has seen me working as a children’s entertainer in many parties and events offering a host of activities such as games, races, balloon twisting, face painting and magic mixed with song and dance.

Kids wedding entertainer Spain, Tina Kids winner of Latin grammy award.
Tina Kids performing on stage in Spain’s Malaga.

Having a kids entertainer at weddings can be so much fun, not just for the kids but for the adults too, tell us a little bit more about what activities you do at weddings to keep the little ones entertained?

I love being the children’s entertainer at weddings, it’s so nice when bridal couples embrace the kids that will be attending their celebration by thinking of them throughout the wedding planning process.

Most bridal couples have usually seen me in a prior show, it could be a wedding, birthday party or other celebration and most contact me via telephone. We discuss what they are looking for and I adapt to what they request.

Kids wedding entertainer Spain, Tina Kids winner of Latin grammy award.
Tina Kids, wedding entertainer in Spain.

Depending on the bridal couple, I usually do a mix of activities with the children that lasts between 2-3 hours and includes a mini musical show with my most popular songs, I’ll also do face painting, arts & crafts, races and balloon modelling, but like I’ve said, I adapt my performance to what the bridal couple want and it also depends on the age-group I’m working with.

I usually aim my show for children 2 years and older, to about 10 years of age. For children under two I often suggest that the bridal couple hire a professional babysitter, or I might take an assistant myself who will focus on looking after the babies.

I also speak fluent Spanish, English and German, which is always helpful when working with clients who have family that live all over the world and come together for the wedding.

Kids wedding entertainer Spain, Tina Kids winner of Latin grammy award.
Tina Kids on stage in Spain with her songs from “Canta y Juega”.

I believe you have recently won a grammy “Premio Latino Grammy al mejor album de musica latina para niños.” (Latin Grammy Award for Best Latin Music Album for Children). Tell us more about this incredible award in recognition of your music for children.

My husband and I composed the music in 2020 and the album “Canta y Juega” (Sing and Play) was launched in March with the idea of trying to reach a greater audience, we never thought that a grammy was within our reach and it was so surreal watching it getting through all the rounds.

A total of 53 projects were presented from all around the world, and the award goes through various rounds and phases until it gets down to the 5 finalists which are the nominated albums.

The actual ceremony was like a dream, firstly because I never thought I would get nominated for a grammy and second of all because of covid, it was a virtual ceremony, broadcasted from Miami, with my husband and I taking part from our very own sitting room.

We got dressed up and had professional sound technicians come to the house to wire everything up correctly.

The whole day felt like such a dream, then when we won the award, we had to stand and do an awards speech, from our very home. After winning the award, we had to do a series of press conferences in live video calls from all around the world, it was such an incredible experience.

Kids wedding entertainer Spain, Tina Kids winner of Latin grammy award.
Kids wedding entertainer in Spain, Tina Kids, winner of a Latin grammy award.

Now I have a show with those songs, depending on where I’m performing, it might be the complete show or just part. If I’m asked to perform on a large stage, like a theatre, I’ll take 4 dancers with me.

It’s a family show, aimed for those with young children, from 0-10 years. The songs are diverse with a modern touch and fun choreography, the dances are thanks to the help of a great friend and dancer Cristina Patzer

It sounds such an incredible experience! I’m sure it’s inspired future projects, are there any you can share with us today?

I’m currently working on another album and there will be new youtube video clips coming soon.

What about hobbies, do you have time for anything else?

I love being outdoors and anything related to nature. Once a week I try to go to an organic vegetable garden, where I get to hand pick my own fruit and vegetables. This always relaxes me, I like trying out new recipes too.

Tina Kids in Spain
Wedding entertainer, Tina Kids, Grammy winner of the Best Latin Music Album for Children.

On behalf of Sunshine Weddings, a huge thanks for giving us such a colourful insight into the childrens entertainment world and sharing with us your incredible experience as a grammy winner. We wish you all the best with your next album and hope to see you entertaining young and old in the upcoming wedding season.