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Wedding saxophone and DJ combo Spain | Exclusive interview with DJ Lady Jade & Joey the Sax


A saxophone and DJ combo, the perfect way of adding that something different to your wedding party…

Wedding saxophone and DJ combo Spain
Wedding saxophone and DJ combo Spain

Are you looking to spice up your wedding with some live DJ, Sax and vocals?

Then read on to find out more about DJ Lady Jade & Joey the Sax, a live DJ, Sax and vocals act, in our exclusive interview with them, where we chat everything soul & funky and find out how this versatile duo can provide the perfect live music entertainment for your wedding.

Based in Marbella, but available all over Spain, Lady Jade & Joey the Sax are an incredibly talented duet who combine saxophone live music to the DJ set for an amazing hybrid experience, a fresh act that guarantees an infectious party atmosphere for your big day.

Today, Sunshine Weddings Spain finds out more about both components of this musical couple and if the chemistry on stage goes any further—because we all love a good romance story.

 DJ Lady Jade, mixing at a wedding in Spain.
 DJ Lady Jade, wedding DJ in Spain.

Thanks for joining us today, tell us a bit about yourselves and how you got into performing at weddings?

I [Lady Jade] trained in Music Tech at Newcastle College and Joey [Joey the Sax] trained at the GSA (Guildford School of Acting) and received a BA (hons) in Music and Theatre.

We both worked for cruise lines when we met, and we took the opportunity to start producing shows together for these cruise lines.

Shortly after we started performing together, we began to receive requests to perform at various weddings, which is when our music trajectory, as live wedding performers, started to take off.

Joey the Sax, wedding musician in Spain.
Joey the Sax, professional wedding musician in Spain.

Describe your style when performing as a duo.

We do our remixes of popular songs, everything from motown, pop, funk, swing, house etc. Including vocals and live sax. We also offer smooth chill music for those champagne moments, or reggae / beach chill and party, depending on the clients’ needs.

What makes what you do different from what other Djs / live musicians can offer?

What makes us different is we offer live sax and vocals alongside the DJ. We also have a crystal LED saxophone, which is great for those late night parties.

Wedding saxophone and DJ combo Spain
DJ & Sax: A versatile duo who can provide the perfect live music entertainment for your wedding.

Do you have a fixed wedding playlist, or do you go over the playlist with the bridal couple before the big day? And do you take requests from wedding guests?

As for the music for the big day, I [Lady Jade] have my own playlists ready to go. However, I always find it is important to have an understanding of the bridal couples’ music tastes, to make sure it is tailored to them. We always take requests, either ahead of time from the couple, or on the night.

 DJ Lady Jade, wedding DJ in Spain.
 DJ Lady Jade, a talented wedding DJ and vocalist in Spain.

What are your top five tracks to play at a wedding?

We always try and cater for the couples style and tastes, however some of our personal favourites are:

  • Jubel – Klingande
  • I feel good – James Brown
  • My girl –  The Temptations
  • 1999 – Prince
  • Over the rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
Wedding saxophone and DJ combo Spain
Wedding saxophone and DJ combo for for an amazing hybrid experience.

And finally, a question I’m sure a lot of our readers would love to know—this is a wedding site after all and we all love a good, real-life fairy tale—how did you both meet?

I [Lady Jade] was working backstage on the Queen Mary 2 at the time, where Joe would come on board and headline the stage. We had actually never crossed paths until the last five days of my six month contract. It was by chance we bumped into each other, as Joe had snuck off down to a quiet corner in the crew area for some peace, and as it happens, so had I!

As we were both due to finish only a few days after meeting, Joe invited me to come and visit him here on the Costa. Well, I booked a one way ticket the day I departed the ship and never left! Years later I am still here and have never been happier!

A fabulous musical couple.
A fabulous musical couple.

A huge thank you to Lady Jade & Joey the Sax (who, apart from his musical accomplishments, can do an impressive round of different English accents from all over the world) for sharing with us your beautiful love story, how best to get a party going and also for the cool photos. We hope to hear you both very soon at future weddings.