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Picture-postcard destination wedding location | Summer wedding Mallorca


Mallorca is a picture-postcard destination wedding location, an idyllic place to say “I do” as we find out in today’s feature article starring the wonderful bridal couple Farrah and Sandeep.

On the first Tuesday of September, on a brilliant sunny day, the lovely couple join together to celebrate love in an intimate ceremony surrounded by close friends and family.

We recently caught up with the bridal couple for their thoughts on their magical day of celebrations.

The bride with her father at a picture-postcard destination wedding location.
How did you first hear about the Sunshine Weddings team?

Farrah was looking for wedding venues in Mallorca and in the Google search Sunshine Weddings came up, so she gave them a call and the rest followed!

Picture-postcard destination wedding location | Summer wedding Mallorca
The groom and guests waiting for the radiant bride to arrive.
What was it like to have your wedding planned in the midst of a global pandemic, how did Scott and his team help?

Well, when we started planning it was before the pandemic, but it sure did end up being in the thick of it. It really wasn’t easy to plan in a pandemic, and we ended up having to postpone the wedding twice, each time trying to coordinate what was initially 100 guests to come overseas to Mallorca. Scott and the team really helped us, and did everything they could to communicate current and expected guidelines and to ease the pressure on us. Scott would call us regularly and to be honest those calls always eased our minds, he was pragmatic and really positive.

Picture-postcard destination wedding location | Summer wedding Mallorca
The bridal couple with officiant Toni Pons.
What made you choose Son Mir? And what did you most love about this wedding venue and Mallorca?

We looked at a few venues, but we instantly fell in love with Son Mir. Son Mir is unique in that it has different layers to it, with each area being different which gives guests an element of surprise. It had lots of natural beauty and a warm traditional Finca feel to it, which was perfect for us as we wanted something with a bit of character and culture. We still can’t believe how beautiful it looked on that day.

Picture-postcard destination wedding location | Summer wedding Mallorca
Just Married in Spain.
Where are you and your guests from? How long were they on the island with you? And any special activities you did together pre or post your wedding day?

Most people were from the UK and most stayed for 5-7 days. We had such an amazing time having our wedding in Spain, it gave us a chance to spend more time with our friends and family rather than just the one day as you might expect if we’d had our wedding in the UK. Justine helped us organise a pre and post party; our family and friends loved the pre party which was a wonderful paella dinner overlooking the sea, and it gave everyone an opportunity to get to know each other more.

Picture-postcard destination wedding location | Summer wedding Mallorca
The newlyweds enjoying the cocktail hour with their guests.

The post party was a relaxed affair at a beach restaurant with people dropping in when they wanted to say bye and have a drink or two! Before the pre party event, we also planned a family day where we hired cars and showed our parents and siblings around outside of Palma, and a bridesmaids and groomsmen day where we spent time with the bridal party at separate beach clubs before meeting for dinner. After the post party, we caught the ferry to Ibiza with a close group of friends and continued the celebrations there before heading off just the two of us!

An array of mouthwatering canapés.
Can you tell us a little about your bridal gown, Farrah ?

It was a last minute wonder. It was almost a completely different dress when I bought it, but I had it altered and brought my idea to life with the help of an amazing tailor. I wanted something modern and elegant and I think it fit the bill!

Rustic table seating set up on the lush green lawn.
Did you include a specific theme to the day, or choose to decorate the venue to create a certain ambiance?

We wanted a rustic feel with a modern twist so we picked earthy colours combined with fresh accents i.e. terracotta/ mint. We wanted the day to showcase the natural beauty of Son Mir which influenced things like where we had the welcome drinks, which we chose to have in the orange grove. In the evening we wanted a warm, intimate feeling which was achieved with the lighting and candles, and for guests to explore and discover new spots.

The fabulous bridal party.

The day itself was amazing from start to finish, Maia was a superstar! She was so friendly and reassuring. The day felt relaxed, and we went from one moment to the next effortlessly. Maia kept us on track and we really enjoyed the day! We wish we could relive it again! The weather was fantastic and the transition from day to night was beautiful. The food was sensational as we knew it would be, our guests loved it also.

The newlyweds cutting their delicious three-tier wedding cake.
And how did your Happy Ever After start?

Farrah and I met in 2015 through a mutual friend. We ended up going on a group road trip through California in 2016 and our love story blossomed from there. Six years later we had the most beautiful wedding in Mallorca with our friends and family still telling us how beautiful the wedding was. We’ve fallen in love with Mallorca more and more during our visits for the wedding and it will always hold a special place in our hearts – we can’t wait to visit again soon!

The celebrations went on late into the evening at this magical wedding venue in Spain’s Mallorca.
Our heartfelt thanks to Farrah and Sandeep, as well as Sandra Mañas for the use of these fantastic photographs.
String lights made for a celestial array enhancing the magic of the night.