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Spotlight interview with wedding celebrant Amanda Jane Hibbitt | Getting married in Mallorca


Looking for a bespoke wedding ceremony on the beautiful island of Mallorca?

Today we are delighted to catch up with Mallorcan-based wedding celebrant Amanda Jane Hibbitt, who specialises in creating tailor-made ceremonies for couples getting married on this beautiful Spanish island.

Let’s find out more about Amanda in this week’s spotlight interview.

Wedding celebrant Amanda Jane Hibbitt.
Wedding celebrant Amanda Jane Hibbitt.
Please tell us a bit more about you, where you are from and how you ended up in Mallorca.

Gosh, That’s 50 years worth of information to fit into a couple of sentences!  I arrived in Mallorca in November of 2001, having left London in January of 2001 where I sold all my belongings and bought a 1973 VW camper van, called LEXI. You see, my dog, who was my baby, had developed severe arthritis and due to the weather in the UK, found it very difficult to walk during those very cold months in the winter.  And I looked at him one evening and said, this is not right, this is enough and made the decision to leave the UK and find a warmer climate where Bramble would be happier and healthier.  We drove up to Bonnie Scotland, where my parents live, and said goodbye to family and friends.  And off we set.  It was so cold coming through France and over the Pyrenees that I was scraping the ice off the inside of the windscreen in the mornings.

We ended up in a little town, well, it was at that time smaller than it is now, called Torrevieja.  I decided to stop there, having been on the road with Bramble for around 3 months or so and spend the Summer in this holiday town.  Rented an apartment and got a job in a small bar, where I started to learn the Spanish numbers and alphabet.  I then started diving, and got as far as needing my yacht licence and the last exam of my divemaster.  I heard about this sea school in Mallorca who could arrange the licence for me and I found a dive school to complete my dive masters course.  So, I hitchhiked on a 41 metre sailing yacht that was heading to Mallorca, with a 6ft tree, rose quartz rock, my dog of course and a black plastic bag with all my belongings. I arrived in Mallorca, completed both courses and my Mallorquin life began from there!!!  It’s crazy, as I was only passing through, moving onto the next gorgeous place to discover.  I feel Mallorca is the type of Island that tells you how you are going to be, she either hugs you or pushes you out.  I was one of the lucky ones who got a huge hug!

Wedding celebrant Amanda Jane Hibbitt getting ready for a wedding in Mallorca.
Did you always want to be a wedding celebrant?

Becoming a wedding celebrant is very new for me. I completed my course last year and started pretty much straight out of the starting gates!   I have been assisting in  wedding planning for the last 5 years, but wanted to be more involved with the love story and that perfect moment when two people come together and say ¨I do¨  It is also a side of the business that fits into family life and it allows me to work and navigate my son in a more cohesive way.

What do you consider your style to be as a wedding celebrant?

I´m all about the love, the story of the journey, the couple and the uniting of families.  I’m more of a bespoke style, non-religious, but with traditional elements and the celebration of love.

What three things should couples consider when it comes to choosing the right celebrant for them?

For me the first thing is that you should feel a connection.  Does the Celebrant match your personality and styles? Are they fun, warm and caring, but with a professional edge.  Are you comfortable with them?  What´s the price and are they available!

Wedding celebrant Amanda leading a wedding ceremony in the Mallorcan sunshine.
Can you help the bridal couple choose their wedding vows?

Writing your wedding vows can be one of the most emotional and funny things to do.  You are sharing with the person you love, and all your family and friends, your inner wants, wishes and promises.  You have witnesses to those promises.  I love inspiring couples to write their own vows, be that by quoting their favourite song or poem, or writing from the heart.  It’s a beautiful moment.

Why do you think having a wedding in Mallorca is so special?

Gosh, Mallorca is a truly stunning Island.  It’s not a large Island, but has so much to offer.  The choice of venues, the style of wedding you wish for and the amazing local suppliers that make all those wishes come true.  We are really blessed here with so much talent on our doorstep.

One hidden talent?

My hidden talent – mmmmm, I think that will stay hidden!!

What’s at the top of your bucket list?

The top of my bucket list would be to take my son on Safari in Africa, where I grew up.

Wedding celebrant Amanda Jane Hibbitt and her son.
A big thank you to Amanda for today’s lovely, fascinating feature. We look forward to sharing magical wedding moments with you in this season and beyond.