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Traditional church wedding in Mallorca | A Mediterranean love story


Mallorca, with its radiant Mediterranean charm, provided the perfect backdrop for Seraphina and Kyle’s wedding, a special day celebrated last July, amid the island’s captivating beauty.

With an intimate gathering of 45 guests, this beautiful bridal couple’s wedding day began in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, in a magnificent Gothic-style church nestled in the old town. Join us as we reflect on this enchanting destination wedding celebration, a day filled with unforgettable moments.

Mallorca wedding
The bridal couple stand at the altar at their Mallorca church wedding.
The ceremony—A Gothic Marvel

The ceremony unfolded in a breathtaking 13th-century church featuring a typical Mallorcan sandstone facade adorned with delicate carvings and a central rose window. Remarkably, this church underwent meticulous renovation following a lightning strike in the 17th century. Now, restored to its former glory, it provided the ideal backdrop for Seraphina and Kyle’s destination wedding ceremony in the glorious Mediterranean sunshine.

Inside the church, a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation filled the air as the guests waited for the ceremony to commence. Seraphina arrived in style in a Mercedes S Class and made her entrance through a peaceful Gothic cloister, surrounded by orange and lemon trees and a central well before gliding down the aisle, a vision of elegance, to meet her dashing groom standing beside the church’s magnificent Baroque main altarpiece from 1739.

The Bridal Couple Exchanging Vows and Rings
The bridal couple exchange vows and rings.

The ceremony unfolded with elegant harmony, guided by Priest Fernando, and was made even more special by the bride’s brother, Addison, who delivered a heartfelt reading from the Old Testament, and the groom’s brother, Greg, who followed with the second reading.

With the exchange of vows and wedding rings, Priest Fernando declared Seraphina and Kyle as husband and wife, marking the cue for the formalities to conclude and the festivities to begin.

The newlyweds and wedding party gather outside the gothic church in Mallorca.
The wedding reception—A Beachfront celebration

Following the ceremony, everyone emerged into the Mallorcan sunshine where family photos were captured against the church’s sandstone wall and rose window by the talented photographer Aimee K Team. Cherished family snaps taken and the guests were whisked away in a private Ultrabus to a breathtaking beachfront reception venue.

This exclusive location, adorned with Mediterranean charm, served as the ideal setting for the wedding feast, which began with a refreshing welcome drink on a middle-level terrace which offered captivating views of the pool and sea. Accompanied by the melodious tunes of Spanish guitarist Javier, guests indulged in delectable canapés and a selection of cooling drinks, setting the perfect tone for the sumptuous meal that awaited them.

An impressive beachfront wedding reception venue in Mallorca.
An impressive beachfront wedding reception venue in Mallorca.


A Memorable Wedding Meal—With Sweeping Mediterranean Sea Views

The wedding breakfast, accompanied by a carefully selected playlist curated by DJ Andreas, was enjoyed with stunning Mediterranean sea views and a relaxed, sunny atmosphere. The dinner menu included a Chef’s Appetiser and for the main course, guests had the choice between a succulent Sirloin steak, or the Sea bass supreme. To finish off the meal, a delightful Piña Colada dessert was served, capping off a satisfying and enjoyable dining experience.

Party Time—Waterfront Terrace Festivities

As the night fell, an open bar and mouth watering late-night snacks ensured that the energy remained lively and the festivities continued. Among the highlights was the traditional cake cutting ceremony. This heartwarming moment saw the couple slicing into the three-tiered cake which had been beautifully adorned with white cream and delicate greenery. The cake-cutting moment took place on a terrace by the waterfront, under the shimmering moonlight that created an unforgettable scene and was wonderfully captured by the skilled lenses of Aimee K Team.

Wedding feast with panoramic mediterranean sea views.
Wedding feast with panoramic mediterranean sea views.

This sweet moment, in every sense of the word, marked the transition to the couple’s first dance and signalled the commencement of an unforgettable night of celebration.

Seraphina and Kyle’s Mallorca wedding showcased their love, the island’s history, and its captivating charm; a day where dreams were transformed into reality in the heart of this Mediterranean paradise.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Seraphina and Kyle for letting us share in their journey, we wish you both a lifetime filled with love, joy, and unforgettable moments.

A heartfelt thanks also goes out to the wonderful photographer Aimee K Team for capturing and sharing with us these wonderful photos that have immortalised this magical day.

The cake-cutting moment on a terrace by the waterfront.
The cake-cutting moment on a waterfront terrace.