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Wedding Florist Mallorca: The Passion Behind Olivia’s Bridal Blooms…

In today’s article we are delighted to feature one of Mallorca’s most popular wedding florists. Read on for an inspiring interview with the wonderful Olivia.

How long have you been working as a florist in Mallorca and what first ignited your passion for flowers?

I have been working in Mallorca as a florist for nearly 5 years but before that in the UK and I actually started my florist career back in 2005 on the Costa del Sol which is when I met Scott! He used me back then for his wedding clients when he first founded Sunshine Weddings. So all in all I have been an events florist for nearly 15 years with experience all over Europe.

My passion for flowers started when I was ten years old and my mum did a florist course at night school, she would come home and teach me what she had learnt. I loved it.

Stunning bridal flowers
Stunning bridal flowers.
You must have worked with many bridal couples over the years and helped to make many different wedding venues look stunning! Do you prefer working on large scale ceremonies or small and intimate weddings?

We like them all! I love the variety of the job. Big events are very fast paced and exciting but can be stressful at times. Small events allow you to really concentrate on lots of tiny details. Its all good fun.

What are your favourite flowers for a wedding bouquet?

Our personal favourites are peonies. So soft and feminine, quite luxurious but very seasonal so you have to make the most of them while you can.

Wedding bouquet
Wedding bouquet.
What are 2019’s most popular floral themes for wedding decor and styling?

Our circular ceremony frame is very popular this year otherwise known as a “moongate”.

A beautiful moongate floral arch framing the sea
A beautiful moongate floral arch framing the sea.
How do you deal with the obvious issues of the Mallorcan heat when arranging flowers and creating bouquets?

We order all our flowers direct from Holland so they arrive to us fresh from the worldwide cut flower market – no middle man. We don’t have a shop or stock flowers for any reason so the flowers needed for a wedding are ordered especially for that event. We have fridges for the very heat sensitive blooms and the studio is fully air conditioned. Our vans are air conditioned too and everything is transported in water or floral foam, the bridal bouquets are taken out of their jars at the very last minute.

Can you tell us about some of your favourite floral wedding memories?

A nice memory is from just a few weeks ago. I delivered the bride her bouquets and the bridesmaids’ bouquets to the room where she and her mum and all the bridesmaids were getting ready. The bride burst into tears of joy at the sight of her bouquet, then the mum did and then one by one all the bridesmaids did! I love that reaction!

Bridal bouquet
Bridal bouquet.
What would you say to a bride and groom who are unsure where to even start when it comes to deciding upon bouquets, posies for bridesmaids and floral styling of the venue?

Have a look on Pinterest… start creating a Pinterest mood board of everything you like. Visit the venue with your florist/stylist – walk round discuss where things are happening and what key features you want to accentuate. Tell your florist your personal style: Are you a super girly girl? – bows, diamantes, pinks and frills, or are you a very classic girl where less is more? Or are you more boho hippy chic?

These clues help us massively in determining your wedding style.

Bohemian and rustic weddings have been growing in popularity in recent years. They look like a lot of fun to organise creatively, tying in foliage and greenery with flowers. We’d love to know more about them and how you work with couples to achieve such distinct styles?

Boho and rustic and quite different. Rustic is super easy to do, we use a lot of props such as old apple crates, wicker baskets, lemons, old pieces of furniture etc mixed with non matching vase wares minimal flowers and lots of indigenous foliage such as olive, eucalyptus and pistache. Boho weddings we use more fabrics to create the soft, flowy whimsical feel, lots of floral head crowns, bouquets which look like they were just picked from the field. Dream catchers, pampas grasses, croqueted lace – these are all good when creating “boho”.

Wedding table setting
Wedding table setting.
Do you work alone or as part of a bigger team?

I have two full time team members and me – and then I employ part-time seasonal staff during the busy summer months.

What do you think draws so many couples to Mallorca’s charm, and how does the island’s flora differ to that of mainland Spain?

I think there is always a sense of romance to an island… any island. But I think Mallorca benefits from the cute little coves with white sand and dazzling crystal clear turquoise sea. The mainland costas are not like that. And then it also has the stunning inland areas too – some mountainous with breathtaking scenery and a huge range of beautiful venues nestled in the heart of the vineyards and beautiful countryside here in Mallorca.

It really is a magical place.

Our thanks to Olivia who we look forward to working with many, many more times in magical Mallorca!