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Wedding Photographer Mallorca | Soulful photography Balearic Islands


Soulful photography for the wholehearted romantics on the magical island of Mallorca, Spain.

Soulful photography Balearic Islands
Soulful photography Balearic Islands

A soulful image is one that is harmonious in colours and tones and at the same time captures the real and raw moments of human connection. An image that portrays mood through the light, colours and tones of the photograph and captures the viewer’s interest in stylish photography.

All this and more is what Mallorca-based photographer Nargiza captures with every snap she takes and today we are delighted to find more about her photographic style.

A beautiful lady, a stunning dress and the sea breeze makes for a magical photo by Nargiza.
Hi Nargiza, thanks for joining us today and taking time out of your busy schedule to tell us a bit more about you and the story behind the camera. Where did your passion to become a photographer stem from?

I was given a camera as a birthday present a few years ago, and I was hooked from the start, taking photos ever since and converting my new found passion into a lifestyle.

I’m currently based in Mallorca and have experience shooting weddings, family portraits, maternity shots, catalogue products and business photos.

For me taking photos is much more than just snapping images, I like to create a fun and memorable experience for everyone.

Nargiza, Wedding Photographer Mallorca.
In your opinion, which are the different styles of photography used at weddings?

It really depends on the client’s wishes, but the most common type of wedding photography styles are: reportage, fine art, dark fine art, traditional, emotional and glossy magazine style.

An elegant bridal couple.
Which is your photography style?

I combine all styles and like to make photos with different light schemes using a flash for some special photography.

When I shoot a wedding, I look to tell the couple’s own special story and strive to keep those most raw emotions. In the case of wedding couples, most aren’t professional models and can sometimes be quite camera-shy, so I allow plenty of opportunities to chat before and during the shoot, which allows them to relax and be more natural in front of the camera.

Two young women laughing, photo by Nargiza.
How many cameras do you use on a wedding day?

I always take a minimum of two cameras, however, the one I use the most is a Canon 5d mark3. Depending on the shooting conditions, I use the camera with which I get the best results.

What do you most love about your job when working at weddings?

I like to catch moments and emotions and frame them in the most beautiful way, often shooting in a fast, fluid fashion, creating situations that build believable scenes, whilst encouraging the bridal couples freedom to move, laugh and enjoy themselves all the time. Their wedding day isn’t going to be a day of forced smiles and poses, it’s something much more sensitive and special than that, for them and for me.

Sisters hug, an emotive snap taken by Nargiza.
What are the most frequent photo poses that bridal couples ask for?

A lot of couples always ask for the typical classic wedding shots, often with the bridal party and I will always adapt to the requests and try to make them as natural as possible.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to spend time learning new photography and video tricks, as well as doing yoga, paddle surf, reading books about esotericism and travel.

A huge thank you Nargiza, for your time with this insightful interview and providing these stunning images. We look forward to seeing your work this wedding season.
A magical nighttime shot of a couple by the sea.