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Church wedding Nerja | Traditional wedding ceremony Malaga


In the heart of Nerja, overlooking the majestic Balcón de Europa and framed against the azure Mediterranean Sea, stands a 17th-century Church, a reflection of centuries of tradition, faith and weddings.

This historic religious building, with its origins dating back to 1505, has become a popular destination for weddings, blending rich history with breathtaking views for couples seeking an unforgettable ceremony.

Historic church in Spain's Nerja.
Historic church in Spain’s Nerja.


A Glimpse into the Past

This Church in Nerja, with its elegant structure constructed as a three-naved cross, has an old-world charm that captivates visitors. The central area is adorned with a wooden framework, while the sides feature vaulted edges and half barrel vaults with windows. As you approach the church, you’re greeted by two large ceramic tile plaques on the front, one detailing the church’s history and the other presenting a vibrant religious scene.

The exterior boasts a four-sided bell tower, initially built in 1724 and later reformed. The interior showcases 18th-century frescoes in the Evangeline nave and a contemporary mural of the annunciation by the talented painter Francisco Hernandez.

Church altar, Nerja.
Church altar, Nerja.
A Wedding Oasis by the Sea

This religious haven has long been cherished by locals for weddings, but in recent years, it has gained international acclaim, drawing couples from around the world. The allure lies not only in its historical significance but also in the enchanting atmosphere that surrounds the church. As couples exchange vows in the chapel, excited crowds often gather, eager to catch a glimpse of the bride walking down the aisle.

This beautiful church offers legal Catholic ceremonies with an English-speaking priest and a streamlined process for the paperwork, with registration at the local town hall possible the following working day, even without an appointment. For those desiring a personal touch, the church welcomes couples to bring their own priest for the ceremony, maintaining the same paperwork process as other coastal churches.

Additionally, this Church extends a warm invitation to couples seeking Anglican Ceremonies or Blessings. While these ceremonies are not legally binding, a visit to the couple’s registrar office in their place of residence can easily formalise the union.

Breathtaking view of Nerja's mesmerising coastline.
Breathtaking view of Nerja’s mesmerising coastline.
A Church Ceremony: A Glimpse into Your Special Day

Imagine your guests arriving at this religious haven where they are greeted by the church’s timeless charm and the soothing sound of the sea in the background. The air is filled with anticipation, and the picturesque setting sets the stage for your beautiful and traditional ceremony.

Soft melodies, perhaps a classical ensemble or a soulful soloist, accompany the guests as they take their seats. The ceremony unfolds with your enchanting entrance, the notes of your chosen music guiding you and your future spouse towards a new chapter of life. The parish priest leads you through the sacred wedding vows, creating a moment that embraces tradition, sincerity and love.

After you exchange rings, you will be guided to sign the marriage register, a tranquil interlude often accompanied by instrumental music as you sign the symbolic document of your union.

As the ceremony concludes, now united as husband and wife, you emerge from the church, greeted by the jubilant cheers of your friends and family with the historic bell tower, adorned with a ‘Rosas’ clock, standing witness to this traditional celebration.

The renowned Balcón de Europa in Nerja.
The renowned Balcón de Europa in Nerja.
Navigating Church Weddings After Divorce

Regarding the common question of whether a divorcee can marry in a church, the Sunshine Weddings team has directly contacted the local Bishop’s office for clarification. We’re pleased to confirm that divorcees who were previously married in a registry office can indeed marry in a church for their second union. The process involves providing the original civil marriage certificate and the divorce certificate, along with standard paperwork. This clarification provides valuable guidance for couples navigating marriage after divorce, allowing them to realise their dream of a church wedding. For any similar inquiries or assistance, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to help.

Beyond the Church: Nerja’s Charm

While this 17th-century Church stands as an iconic backdrop for a wedding ceremony, Nerja itself offers a captivating setting for pre or post-wedding celebrations. The charming town, with its narrow streets and vibrant atmosphere, is a haven for lovers seeking a romantic escape, but also offers an array of activities for couples and their guests. From the scenic Balcón de Europa to the vibrant nightlife, Nerja has something for everyone. For those with a penchant for history, the Nerja Caves, discovered in 1959, give a peek into the town’s past. These caves boast stalactite and stalagmite formations, creating an underground spectacle worth exploring. Perfect for a change of pace after the wedding festivities.

A glimpse inside Nerja's iconic caves.
A glimpse inside Nerja’s iconic caves.

Transport convenience is another key highlight, with the town strategically located for easy access to the airport. This ensures that the journey to and from this enchanting destination is as seamless as the beautiful church celebration.

In essence, Nerja, with its blend of historical charm and contemporary allure, stands as a top choice for couples seeking a destination wedding. As you embark on this journey of love, allow the enchanting backdrop of this historic coastal town and its church to create the perfect stage for your wedding day, bathed in the warmth of Southern Spain’s sunshine.

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One of Nerja's quiet beach coves.
One of Nerja’s quiet beach coves.