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Are You Looking for Healthy Spanish Wedding Ice Cream? | The Costa del Sol’s Wedding Expert


Let Freezy Street’s Camy Wow Your Wedding Guests!

In a feature to set your taste buds tingling, today we talk to Camy, owner of a luxury dairy-free, artisan ice cream company near Marbella that is big on taste and high on quality ingredients and keeping things as healthy as possible. Naturally, weddings in Spain are the perfect venue for ice cream and Camy’s innovative creations are proving very popular with bridal couples who choose to say ‘I do’ on the Costa del Sol. Let’s find out more about the dazzling array of flavours, as well as what sets these cool desserts apart…

Lactose-free Ice Cream
Lactose-free Ice Cream.

Camy, when did your passion for dairy-free ice cream making begin?
Whilst we label our product ice cream, I firmly believe that ice cream doesn’t need to be made from milk. I used to be a vegan, and at that moment in time, I started to see a real gap in the dessert market. For diners who were lactose intolerant (or vegan like me), there was little – if nothing – on the menu, which was super disappointing. I was determined to change that, and a few years down the line I set up my artisan company!

Dairy-free ice cream Costa del Sol
Dairy-free ice cream Costa del Sol.

How long have you been operating your unique ice cream business on the Costa del Sol, and for weddings?
We are quite new to the scene, having set up around two years ago. But our passion and ethos is strong and very much in demand since ice cream – and vegan catering – are rapidly growing areas of the wedding and food industry, with many bridal couples seeking to incorporate one or both options into their special day.

Dairy-free ice cream Costa del Sol
Ice cream cart, Costa del Sol.

We would love to hear about your exciting range of flavours…
We have some really mouthwatering ones! On the fruit side of things, we serve mango, strawberry, raspberry, coconut, lemon, and fruits of the forest. Then we also have stracciatella, salted caramel, pistachio, chocolate, and vanilla. All are made with a vegan base. When it comes to toppings, you can adorn your ice cream with the ever-popular Oreo biscuits, cookies, oats, waffles, Gummi bears (non-gelatin), shredded coconut, ‘unicorn’ topping, and chocolate chips. At some events we are able to customize the toppings even further… so, for example, we catered for a Harley Davidson event recently and made all of the relevant Harley Davidson-related special touches to our tubs.

Dairy-free ice cream Costa del Sol
Delicious ice cream Costa del Sol.

How is the ice cream served?
A member of our team will run the ice cream cart for weddings and events, and the desserts are then served in small or medium tubs with non-plastic spoons. We are really environmentally conscious in all that we do. Again, this is another demand that is growing amongst our clientele. Typically, we set up and stay for around two hours at a wedding, offering our delicious ice cream on an ‘unlimited’ basis, meaning guests can eat as much as they like!

Dairy-free ice cream Costa del Sol
Unicorn themed ice cream.

At what point after the wedding celebrations do you serve the ice cream?
We serve after the cocktail hour, or, alternatively, as the actual dessert.

Camy's dairy-free ice cream
Ice cream with carrot sweets.

Do you cater for other food intolerances?
We always speak with our clients first to get a clear picture of the guests’ dietary requirements. If, for example, somebody has a nut allergy, then we won’t bring our pistachio flavour. To date, this is the only one of our ice creams containing nuts.

Camy's dairy-free ice cream
Camy’s dairy-free ice cream.

Are you working on any new products?
I always have ideas, but for the moment I cannot reveal them – except for our vanilla rainbow flavour for the kids… One of our sidelines, however, is a candy cart. As far as I am aware, ours is the only dairy-free and vegan one of those in Marbella! It’s really popular, not just with children, but the grownups too. Our mission is to serve the healthiest candy possible. We also provide coffee carts (serving our frappuccinos), lemonade and champagne carts at different events.

Camy's dairy-free ice cream
A little girl enjoying Camy’s dairy-free ice cream.

Camy, thank you so much for your time, as well as these thoroughly tempting pictures! Sunshine Weddings Spain was lucky enough to sample some of Camy’s scrumptious ice cream at Puente Romano, where Camy and her team were catering for sports fans during the Andalusian tennis open, and it really is a treat…