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Destination wedding: Your guide to getting married in the south of Spain


There are few things in life that conjure up the thrill of jet-setting to an exotic location and saying “I do” to the partner of your dreams. It’s why a destination wedding is such a popular idea and becoming even more common among couples. Not only does it add that extra adrenaline to an already exciting time of your life, but you get the chance to celebrate one of the most important milestones with loved ones who have made the trip over just for you, in a special part of the world.

Sunshine Weddings Spain is here to help you research that special destination and arm you with a healthy amount of knowledge before you make that all-important decision on where to seal your love with your life partner. At Sunshine Weddings Spain, our highly experienced team of wedding planners are based in Mallorca and Malaga, in the south of Spain on the Costa del Sol, what happens to be one of the sunniest corners of the Earth.

On that note, let’s talk weather, because let’s face it, the climate is a huge talking point when it comes to your special day and no couple wants to get married in inclement weather, or have that extra thing to worry about when you look up at the sky moments before the ceremony and see a dark storm cloud rolling in.

The region sees over 325 days of sunshine every year

Bathed in sunlight

The Costa del Sol’s literal translation in English is: the sunshine coast… and it’s pretty easy to understand how it got its name. The region sees over 325 days of sunshine every year, and in winter, is the sunniest corner of Europe. While the rest of the continent is plagued with cooler temperatures and greyer skies, the Costa del Sol shines just as it does in summer, but with obviously cooler days and even cooler nights. But sunshine is always a terrific starting point to enjoy a relaxed day without any weather drama and getting that perfect photo album with sensational golden light.

Breaking the language barrier

If you’re planning a destination wedding then the planning becomes slightly more involved, and you may think that the language barrier is just another thing to plan around or things may get tricky. Well, rest assured, because not only is our experienced team here at Sunshine Weddings Spain able to always be on-hand to support you during the entire wedding process, but English is pretty much spoken all along the Costa del Sol. It is full of internationals, and as a result the locals are quite comfortable speaking English. Marbella – one of the places in the south of Spain we can arrange for you to get married at – has 153 different nationalities making it the third destination in Spain with the most diverse backgrounds among its residents. The coastal town only trails the capital city of Madrid with 180 and Barcelona (177). And that’s just one example of how diverse this area is.

Once you’ve worked out a budget, drafted up a guest list, hired a wedding planner and chosen a location for your wedding, you’ll then need to select a venue. We at Sunshine Weddings Spain are seasoned professionals when it comes to deciding on a beautiful venue that will match all of your needs. We are fortunate in the south of Spain, not only for being bathed in constant sunlight, and being among such a diverse range of people from all over the world, but also for the stunning landscape.

Whether its mountains, or coast, southern Spain has it all

Natural beauty

When choosing a wedding venue here, you are absolutely spoiled for choice. You have the rolling hills of the Andalusian countryside, inland hilltop venues with breathtaking views of the peaks from the Serrania de Ronda mountain range, beachfront venues with views of the Mediterranean sea, venues in a traditional Spanish finca or an ancient cortijo, which is a traditional Spanish rural dwelling in the countryside. There are exotic garden venues, locations by the port of Malaga, and venues that encompass a bit of everything: mountains, sea and countryside… the list goes on! To break it down for you we’ve come up with a complete list of the regions to focus your search on once you’ve decided on a destination wedding in the wonderful south of Spain.


Malaga is booming and the place to be right now. The region is experiencing exponential growth and that comes down to what it has to offer. It boasts an entire coastline of sandy beaches and crystal clear water, whilst inland, its hills stretch on as far as the naked eye can see. The city of Malaga, situated on the shores of the Mediterranean, claimed the number one spot as the top city where foreigners are happiest – obviously you aren’t on the lookout for a place to live, just a place to get married, but choosing a destination where the overall vibe is relaxed and happy is essential.

The Malaga-Costa del Sol International Airport, one of the busiest in Europe, will also make it easier for all your guests to move around without any difficulty no matter which country they are travelling from.

Malaga was founded by the Phoenicians and through time has been conquered by the Romans, Arabians and Christians, who have all left their mark in all corners of the region. In the city, there is the Alcazaba, Calle Larios, the Gibralfaro Castle and many museums that are options for your guests to experience the rich culture. There are plenty of charming venues especially for weddings dotted all over the region that provide a nice mix of beauty and history. Whether it’s in the city, the countryside or in one of the region’s famous idyllic white-washed villages, Sunshine Weddings Spain can help you find your dream venue.

destination wedding
Sunshine Weddings works with many stunning venues in the Malaga province


Nerja is a picturesque coastal resort town some 50 kilometres east of the city of Malaga connected by the A-7 coastal highway. Once a sleepy fishing village, the town now has a resident population of over 25,000, which just goes to show how popular it has become and it’s not hard to understand why. It is simply stunning and always finds itself among travel lists on destinations one must visit when planning a trip to Spain.

The town is blessed with white beaches, mountain backdrops, and is home to several masterpieces of architecture. The centre of Nerja features many historic heritage homes, quaint squares, while the town is surrounded by beautiful cliffs, canyons and gorgeous mountain tops making it a wonderful choice for a destination wedding, particularly if you want to leave your guests’ jaws dropped at just how beautiful Mother Nature can be.

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An elegant outdoor wedding ceremony with distant sea views


Marbella is one of the most sought-after locations for a destination wedding. Sunshine Weddings Spain offers a wide variety of venues in this stunning slice of southern Spain. The luxurious town of Marbella has a long rich history, highlighted by the first century Roman Bridge at Hotel Puente Romano. But the town also embraces modern-day allure with many fine eateries, great nightclubs and chic bars.

Marbella comprises more than 20 beaches along its coastline. Each shore offers its own beauty, from calm, clear waters to white sand and palm trees, it’s little wonder why Marbella provides the perfect paradise for a destination wedding.


Mijas is the perfect romantic spot along the Costa del Sol. There is the relaxing option of La Cala de Mijas or any of the other golden beaches along the coastline. One of the reasons why Mijas is so sought-after is Mijas pueblo, the white-washed village on the mountainside where you can find stunning views of the Mediterranean sea, the Spanish mainland, Gibraltar, the Atlas Mountains and over to the African coastline.


Estepona has been dubbed the garden city of the Costa del Sol, renowned for its floral displays, murals and sculptures in the charming old town, making it the perfect place for a wedding photo shoot. The town is well-known for its restored streets of whitewashed houses, crowded with pots of bright flowers. There are several art routes around the town, such as the Murals Route, with over 40 works of art. Wedding venues throughout the municipality are simply breathtaking. Some are scattered along the golden shores of the Mediterranean, while others inland are in villas and atop hills you could only dream of.

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Spectacular wedding villa in Ronda


This mountaintop town is dramatically set above a deep gorge making it one of the most unique places in the country, and the world. The gorge (El Tajo) separates the city’s circa-15th-century new town from its old town, dating to Moorish rule. The historic town is nestled in an idyllic natural setting: the Serrania de Ronda. It comprises both the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park and the Sierra de las Nieves. Mountains stretch on for miles, with numerous small, white villages dotted around the surrounding countryside, making it an absolute paradise to celebrate your wedding.


At the western end of the Costa del Sol we have Sotogrande, home to golf and beach clubs, a world class marina and incredible bars and restaurants. Luxury villas perched atop hills make for the perfect wedding venue here, looking down onto the golden stretch of coastline below. Beachside venues also offer an oasis that will be hard to leave as this end of the coast tends to be a lot quieter than the Malaga end. It’s perfect for private functions and a sleepy paradise that’ll make you, your partner and your guests feel completely relaxed.