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Family & wedding photographer Costa del Sol | Bohemian style photography


Bohemian wedding photos look magical, a style that focuses on warm colour and earthy tones with fiery oranges which will leave vivid memories and imprint your wedding album with golden moments.

Romantic beach wedding pics.
Romantic beach wedding pics by Melissa Van Bastelaer.

The Bohemian style focuses on colour, life, and culture as its main aspects and today we are delighted to chat with a talented photographer based on the Costa del Sol who specialises in this artistic, carefree and relaxed style.

Join us as we find out more about Melissa Van Bastelaer…

A couple embrace on a beach.
A couple embrace on a beach in Spain.
Thanks for joining us today, Melissa, tell us, where did your passion to become a photographer stem from?

I’m originally from Belgium but moved here 10 years ago. I’m located in La cala de Mijas and cover weddings from Malaga to Estepona.

I started out photographing animals and when I became a mum I adored photographing my children. It opened up the world of maternity, newborn and family photography. With this I noticed that basically I just love to photograph everything that involves just that “love”. Love for your children, partner, animals and self love!

Newlyweds enjoy a photo session on a beach in Spain.
Newlyweds enjoy a photo session on a beach in Spain.
In your opinion, which are the different styles of photography used at weddings?

I feel the most used ones are either moody or light and airy. The boho-style has become really popular as well and I absolutely love it myself!

Which is your photography style?

Like I’ve said, I love the boho-style which means that my photography is light and airy, reflecting natural tones with a pop of colour. Nothing too extravagant as I love to capture moments as they truly are.

A happy couple on a beach surrounded by a glow of warm colours and an earthy tone.
A happy couple on a beach surrounded by a glow of warm colours and an earthy tone.
How many cameras do you use on a wedding day?

I have my main camera and bring a backup camera in case of an emergency.

What do you most love about your job when working at weddings?

Love. Seeing the love between the couple and their family and friends being there on their special day to celebrate just that. Being able to capture these moments is magical and I know these pictures get cherished forever.

A couple snapped with boho-style and natural lighting.
A couple snapped with boho-style and natural lighting.
If you could be the wedding photographer for any famous couple (past of present) who would it be?

Probably Marilyn Monroe, she was just such an Icon.

Any funny anecdotes that have happened to you at a wedding that you can share with us?

The sister of the bride got proposed to when catching the wedding bouquet (this was planned by the bride and her sisters fiance) and getting booked for their wedding on the spot.

A couple share an intimate smile.
A couple share an intimate smile.
How many photos do you deliver? And how long does it take to edit and deliver the final images?

I try to get an estimate of 50 pictures per hour but every elopement/wedding is different. Latest delivery would be a month but if the event is not a full day I try to get the pictures back within a week depending on how many weddings I have booked in that month. I know couples are excited for their pictures so I always send sneak peaks as soon as I start editing.

Just Married on a beach in Spain. Credit: Melissa Van Bastelaer.
What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love reading but never seem to find the time to actually do it. I have over 50 books waiting in my closet to be read!

A huge thank you Melissa, for your time with this insightful interview and providing these stunning images. We look forward to seeing your work this wedding season.