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How to Choose Your Spanish Wedding Florist | Getting Married on the Costa del Sol


Spanish Wedding Florist: Top Tips for Blooming Beautiful Floral Arrangements…

Flowers are big business in the wedding industry, and the blooms used to adorn both a bridal gown and the chosen venue of a destination wedding abroad, are no exception! The possibilities of colour and style are as endless as they are exciting. So much so, that it can often feel overwhelming knowing how to even approach the decision making process. That’s where Sunshine Weddings Spain and its impressive bridal florist contacts come into their own. Whether your ceremony is going to be small and intimate or large and lavish, here are a few tried and tested tips to ensure you whittle down your ideas to choose the Spanish floral wedding experts that are perfect for you and your special day:

Floral wedding arch
Floral wedding arch.

1:  Choose your venue
It may seem obvious but this is the key factor and driving force behind every other wedding decision. The destination wedding venue sets the tone and style for the day and all of the embellishments that go with it. If you are opting for a grand venue with large spaces then opulent floral displays can come into their own, adding to the beautiful scene. Equally, if you have your heart set on a beachfront celebration at one of the Costa del Sol‘s stunning hotel, restaurant or club venues, then your decisions will very much be guided by the natural colour palette of the Mediterranean vista.

Floral wedding arbor at a stunning beach wedding location in Spain.

Whereas, if you are tying the knot at a countryside finca, you may wish to incorporate pastels, foliage and rustic table decorations such as quaint jam jars and candles into your floral arrangements. The rule of thumb is to try not to let your wedding flowers overpower, rather to allow them to enhance your chosen backdrop. In this way, floral arches, table centres, and aisle adornments can be used to stunning effect.

Floral table decor.

2: Keep it personal
Whilst the vibe of the venue plays such a key part in narrowing down bouquets and blooms, it’s important to many bridal couples that their chosen flowers reflect something of their personalities and/or life story. Often, this goes hand in hand with the overall styling of the wedding venue. That said, it is best not to have too fixed an idea on a specific flower, rather a flower type – just in case a Spanish florist is unable to procure it in a specific month or season (or only at great cost).

Simply elegant floral wedding arch design.

3: Don’t upstage the bride’s dress…
The bridal gown will almost always be chosen before the floral displays. This helps ideas to flow, and, once again, narrows down choices of size, shape, style, and flower colour. Many traditional Spanish wedding gowns, for example, contain intricate lace patterns, which are better suited to a more simplistic, less ‘busy’ bouquet. And the opposite is generally true of a simple gown; it lends itself perfectly to a fuller, more complex bouquet.

Wedding Dresses In Spain
A beautiful bride with burgundy wedding flowers.

4: Research the local traditions
This is a lovely thing to do if you are intent on fusing a tribute to the local area into your wedding day. In the floral world, orange blossoms and bougainvillea are two of the most stunning blooms typical of Spanish weddings. For a winter Spanish wedding, the ruby-reds of poinsettias offer a wow factor like no other.

Orange bridal bouquets.
Orange bridal bouquets.

5: Visit some destination florists
Sunshine Weddings Spain always recommend that couples fly out to the Costa del Sol to view their dream wedding venues, as well as to meet with their potential wedding suppliers. This is an ideal time to arrange an in-depth discussion in person with a couple of wedding florists (preferably read some customer feedback first, and preferably meet them in their workshop so you can see how their flowers are stored) to decide which florist is best able to fulfil the styling vision.

wedding bouquet
Cream rose wedding bouquet.

Nowadays bridal couples have so much choice when it comes to selecting their floral displays and the bride’s and bridesmaids’ flowers. A local florist will be able to run through everything that is available during the month or season of the marriage, show couples their portfolio, and come up with bespoke ideas, making the decision making process as easy as possible. Another huge plus is that many Spanish wedding florists are also suppliers of non-floral wedding decor, hiring out items such as fairy lights, glassware and traditional lanterns for the big day, making the styling side of planning super convenient.

Bright yellow wedding bouquets.
Bright yellow wedding bouquets.

“Walk through life with flowers in your hair and love in your heart,” as the saying goes. Wedding flowers are so symbolic and special… and then, after the ceremony, when the party truly gets started, there is always the intrigue as to who will catch them when the bouquet is traditionally thrown in the air!