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Popular wedding videography Spain | Beautiful wedding moments immortalised


Wedding videography: Beautiful moments captured in a creative and unique way…

Popular wedding videography Spain | Beautiful wedding moments immortalised
Fun wedding moments immortalised by Balance Photography.

Wedding videography is a very fast growing part of the wedding industry, and is perhaps the best way to relive your big day.

Unlike photographs, videos give you the sounds, the voices as well as the action of one of the most memorable days of your life, creating timeless memories for you to keep forever.

And if you have both, photography and videography, even better as we find out in today’s feature article where we talk about all things film, glamour and more with the fabulously talented Ollie from Balance Photography.

Popular wedding videography Spain | Beautiful wedding moments immortalised
The newlyweds at a sunny wedding venue in Spain.
Hi Ollie, thanks for joining us today, please tell us a bit about the story behind Balance Photography? 

I actually met Racheal, my wife who jointly runs Balance Photography with me, in secondary school. After we left, I went into musical theatre, acting in the West End, while Racheal started her own modeling agency. We lost touch but fate threw us back together again when I came to use her studio to take some headshots. We were both getting interested in photography at that time and we bonded over our shared passion. After honing our craft in the studio, photographing models and performers, we wanted to expand our repertoire so we started shadowing Racheal’s brother, who had been a wedding photographer for a number of years.

Popular wedding videography Spain | Beautiful wedding moments immortalised
The wedding party, happy wedding moments captured by Balance Photography.

We loved the experience of shooting weddings, traveling to different locations and meeting new people so we decided it was what we wanted to specialise in. Balance Photography was formed in 2010 and has gone from strength to strength. We now travel all over the world to cover weddings, although our work has been more focused on Spain and the UK during Covid.

However, a major plus point of the reduction in international weddings has been the opportunity for me to train in videography, and this is a new service we’re now able to offer wedding couples.

 A beautiful airy white wedding dress dancing with the sea breeze.
 A beautiful airy white wedding dress dancing with the sea breeze.
What are the different styles of videography?

There are four main styles of wedding videography. The first is documentary or reportage style, which involves the videographer capturing events as they happen. They will be edited in a linear way to tell the complete story of your day in a lively, fast-paced documentary fashion.

The cinematic style of wedding video, meanwhile, is filmed and edited more like a movie or music video and will include sweeping shots using a dolly, montages and special effects like slow motion.

Then there’s the short-form videography style that involves setting short clips to music. It’s highly edited, designed to give a flavour of the day rather than show any elements in full.

Finally, traditional wedding videography will have minimal editing, meaning you will see things like the ceremony and speeches in their entirety.

The bridal couple posed on sea rocks, beautiful wedding moments immortalised.
The bridal couple posed on sea rocks, beautiful wedding moments immortalised.
What is your style of videography? 

Our style of videography is natural documentary style. This works really well for us because I can act like a fly on the wall, following Racheal around as she takes the photos. For example, while she is posing the couple, I’m able to capture the behind-the-scenes footage of them laughing and messing around. It tells the story behind the photographs.

How does having a wedding video differ from wedding photographs?

A wedding video is going to give you more emotion from the day than the photos can alone. That’s because you will be able to see and hear key moments like the exchanging of vows, and heartfelt or hilarious moments from the speeches. You should really feel like you’re reliving the day when you watch the video, which becomes all the more special 10, 20, 30 years down the line.

Table setting
Elegant wedding table flower arrangements
 How many cameras do you use on a wedding day?

Typically, we’ll use two cameras, which is sufficient to capture different perspectives and to give a lively feel to the footage. But sometimes clients want multiple perspectives and special shots, in which case, we’ll use up to five cameras, including a drone.

What do you most love about your job when working at weddings? 

Racheal and I are a husband and wife team and it’s such a privilege for us to be able to work together doing what we love. People often ask us if we get irritable with each other because we spend so much time together, but we’re actually a great team and work really well together.

A black and white beach shot with the happy couple.
A black and white beach shot with the happy couple.
What makes what you do unique and special for bridal couples looking to have a beautiful wedding video of their special day? 

Because we’re a photographer and videographer team, we can work in harmony better than maybe two seperate professionals can. We also differ from other companies because of our background in theatre and modelling – this changes our approach and means we are always thinking creatively. We aim to give couples images from their day (whether still or moving) that capture all the drama, romance, beauty and colour.

A huge thank you to Racheal and Ollie, a forward-thinking and professional couple whose vision is dynamic and fun, for their time with for this insightful interview and providing these breathtaking images. We look forward to working with you again in the new season.

A sunset kiss, just married in Spain.
A sunset kiss, just married in Spain.