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Top 7 Spanish Wedding Tapas | Fabulous Food for a Celebration to Remember


Wedding Tapas: Wow Your Guests with Spain’s Gastronomic Pleasures…

There are few foodie experiences to rival authentic Spanish tapas, but add to that the backdrop of a beautiful destination wedding venue on the Costa del Sol with your family and friends, and you have true perfection!

Many of our bridal couples at Sunshine Weddings Spain opt to incorporate a menu of mouthwatering tapas into their wedding dining, and with good reason. Tapas are super versatile – in terms of both flavour and variety, offering guests a veritable banquet of exquisite eats. But with so many tapas choices available nowadays – from the traditional to the most avant-garde culinary creations – where to begin when it comes to putting a together a tapas menu for the most important day of your life?

A tried and tested tapas menu comes highly recommended – either as a canape-style offering after the ceremony (and whilst the newlyweds are having their photographs taken), or as the signature of the wedding breakfast. There’s a good reason some of these staple, yet delicious morsels, grace the menus of many a well-established tapas bar in this part of the world.

The following are taste sensations that never fail to deliver; packing a punch, satisfying rumbling tummies, and embodying the all-important WOW factor. Clever and congenial, these little nuggets of nourishment are a wonderful feature at any Spanish wedding.

Without further ado, we present some of our favourites:

1: Tortilla

Spanish Tortilla.

This dish is the undisputed crowd pleaser of a tapas menu. A rustic but moreish combination of egg, potato and onion, the tortilla can also be embellished with bell peppers and herbs making for a satisfying bite. It’s popular with children too which is an added bonus for a wedding celebration.

2: Albondigas (meatballs)

Typical Spanish meatballs.

A traditional entry on many a tapas menu, this dish may be hearty but its fresh ingredients and preparation are also full of heart. Albondigas are scrumptious balls of ground meant (usually beef), breadcrumbs, eggs, onion, and butter. They are made in a soup-style sauce. Another dish which goes down well with younger members of the wedding party.

3: Cheese platter

Cheese platter
Cheese platter at a wedding in Spain.

Spain’s cheeses are among the best in the world – not to downplay the merits of the French, or a good English Cheddar!

From tangy and creamy goats’ cheeses to the uniquely zesty, salty Manchego with its crumbly texture, not to overlook the buttery, mellow taste of Tetilla; wedding guests are spoilt for choice when a Spanish cheese platter is part of the tapas menu. Pair your cheese selections up with figs, olives and almonds for some memorable combinations. Spanish Cava, Tempranillo, and a young Rioja also make the perfect grape partners for Spanish cheese.

4: Jamón

Spanish Jamon, a popular Spanish tapa.

Not only is Spanish ham revered by its nation, the fine slicing of jamón is an art form. In fact a growing number of bridal couples who get married in Spain opt to have a professional cortador at their wedding to slice and serve some of the most exquisite ham imaginable. Acorn-fed Iberian ham is such a delicacy, only to be found in these parts; the highest category of cured or Serrano ham, so adding some to your tapas menu is a must…

5: Prawns pil pil

Prawns pil pil
Spanish prawns pil pil

This delectable prawn dish incorporates just the right amount of heat for chili lovers! It’s as sizzling as it is addictive, and pairs up nicely with an ice cold beer or a claret-red Rioja. The simplicity of this dish truly belies the unique punch it packs, and it is one of the most loved seafood tapas dishes in Andalucia (and the Costa del Sol), the region which which specialises in seafood. There’s so much joy in knowing the ingredients in this tapas dish have been locally sourced and are as fresh as it gets.

6: Croquetas

Spanish croquettas, a real gastronomic delight.

Unsurprisingly, Spanish croquetas are often featured on the main menu of a tapas restaurant. These tasty bites are lightly breaded, fried, and typically filled with ham or seafood in a creamy sauce. The contrast of textures is irresistible: bite into the crispy outside to be rewarded with a tasty and creamy centre!

7: Russian Salad

Russian Salad
Typical Russian Salad at a wedding in Spain.

Last but by no means least, we really ought to shine a light on some vegetables… Potatoes, carrots, peas, and egg tend to form the base of a traditional Spanish tapas version of a Russian Salad, however, many menus will embellish this with the addition of perhaps a little shrimp or tuna. Whichever version you choose for a wedding tapas menu, this dish never fails to impress with its combination of unique flavours and presenetation.

Of course there are myriad tapas combinations to choose from, not to mention the ever-popular Pintxos (the Basque country’s delicious equivalent). From stylish salad to flavoursome fish, and internationally-inspired tapas inventions through to sophisticated tapas-esque desserts, the possibilities are endless. Many catering companies on the Costa del Sol will offer a standard, but high quality menu, tailored specifically to a wedding, whilst also being open to creating a unique tapas menu for each bridal couple.

Sunshine Weddings Spain loves overseeing all of these finer details, arranging tasting trips to sample menus with their brides and grooms; finetuning everything for the most exquisite dining experience. We truly do have the best job in the world…