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Wedding Cakes In Spain


Wedding Cakes In Spain…

Wedding cakes in Spain.

In Part One we met Louise from Cakelicious, amazing Costa del Sol wedding cake maker and all round fantastic person to work with. This time she shares with us her most terrible cake disaster and explains why she wanted to go to Jennifer Aniston’s wedding…

What tips would you give a couple about choosing the right cake for their big day?
Work to your budget! Too many brides get so carried away on Pinterest that when they send me their dream cake and then are surprised that it can’t be done on their budget. Stick to what you can afford. You should also go for what YOU like, don’t worry about the flavours your guests may or may not like…choose what makes you both happiest!

Fabulous wedding cake creations in Spain.

Have you had any cake disasters in the past?
I had to visit the UK once and left my husband in charge of a birthday cake delivery. Bless him, he thought he had packed it carefully but when he arrived it had slid off the base in the car and was ruined. He tried to get another cake maker friend of mine to fix it but it was impossible and he had to let the client know. Luckily the cake was a surprise for the birthday girl and they were very understanding…but I went crazy. I’ve never let it happen again, now I deliver all my own cakes. Especially the wedding ones!

Cake louise 002
Petite wedding cupcakes in Spain.

What celeb would you love to make a cake for?
Jennifer Aniston. I think she’s great and I really respect her for having kept her second wedding under wraps and for being so discreet and private. Good for her! If only she had got married in Spain, I would have loved to have been part of her day and designed her cake with her.

If you were a cake, what type would you be and why?
Haha, how funny. Well I’m a no nonsense unfussy person so I would be a simple cake. But I really love cream cheese frosting so maybe I would be a Red Velvet cake. Not a cupcake, just a scrumptious simple cake.

Vintage cupcakes at wedding in Spain.

Other than making cakes…what would be your dream job?
Before I moved to Spain, ran a restaurant and then got into cake making I lived in London and worked in fashion for fifteen years. I was a retail manager for Face footwear and I loved it. I loved the buzz of the West End and the world of fashion and getting to mix with so many people (making cakes is very solitary and can get quite lonely). So if I wasn’t doing this I’d probably run Selfridges and be back mixing with interesting people in the heart of London!

Bridal couples wedding cake in Spain.

Thanks Louise for all your great tips and advice on choosing the perfect cake for your wedding in Spain. We can’t wait to see what fabulous creations you do for our bridal couples and their guests this year.

cake louise 004
Five-tiered wedding cake in Spain.