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Wedding Flamenco Band Costa del Sol | Amazing Entertainment for Your Spanish Wedding


An Interview with Wedding Flamenco Band Asami…

If you are planning on adding some traditional touches to your Spanish destination wedding on the Costa del Sol, hiring a flamenco band comes highly recommended! The music and dance talents of today’s featured guest, Asami are not only renowned throughout Andalusia, but they are the perfect infusion of culture to any wedding celebration in this part of the world. It was an honour for Sunshine Weddings Spain to get the opportunity to talk to one of the region’s most talented Spanish performers recently to get an insight into what flamenco can truly bring to a wedding party.
Asami, flamenco band Marbella
Asami, flamenco band Marbella.
Many flamenco dancers begin learning the art form at a very young age. How long have you been performing flamenco?
I have been performing flamenco for more than 10 years now.
Whereabouts are you based on the Costa del Sol, and how far would you typically travel for a wedding performance?
As a flamenco band, we were based in Benalmadena, but we have now moved to Marbella, which tends to be more central for the many venues on the coast and just inland. We mainly work around the Costa del Sol area but we will travel everywhere except overseas! Of course there is an additional charge for travelling costs…
Asami, flamenco band Marbella
Flamenco performance.
Who or what inspired your flamenco journey?
The image of Spain and all that she represents as a country, and a great passion for dance attracted me to the world of flamenco.
Which flamenco style is best suited for a wedding?
There are a few different styles of flamenco that lend themselves perfectly to a wedding: Alegrias (happy), tangos and bulerias (these two styles are better suited for parties – and work fantastically
mixed with the songs of the Gypsy Kings).
Asami, flamenco band Marbella
Flamenco artist.
Can you tell us a little about your performances at a wedding? When during the day or evening do you perform and how many routines do you carry out for the guests?
We can perform anytime that the bridal couple want us to. We adapt to their needs. We normally recommend the mixed flamenco (half traditional & Gypsy Kings songs ) for weddings; in this way, guests can enjoy themselves more and participate in the dancing!
Do the guests have an opportunity to dance with you and learn some basic moves?
Actually, some guests like to do a mini workshop with us before the show, so yes!
Asami, flamenco band Marbella
Flamenco band Marbella.
How quickly do you get booked up for an event like a wedding?
Summer and weekends are normally busy and we would require a minimum of 3-6 months booking in advance. Most bridal couples will book us one year in advance. Then we have plenty of time to plan together.
What are you most looking forward to once weddings are back in full swing and you are able to perform without restrictions?
To share happiness and passion through flamenco and have the privilege of being present at one of the happiest days in a couple’s life.
Asami, flamenco band Marbella
Flamenco performance in Marbella.
Obviously when getting married in this beautiful part of the world, it is a lovely gesture to respect the Andalusian culture and traditions. But what else sets flamenco apart from other styles of dance or evening entertainment that newlyweds might choose to include in their wedding celebrations to get the party started? What makes it so unique and well-suited to a celebration of love, in your opinion?
Flamenco is an intangible culture, part of UNESCO in fact. It’s got a story behind it. Flamenco is not just a dance, but communication through music and art. The most important part of flamenco is its living art form. In life, you will get up and down moments. Flamenco expresses everything about life perfectly. Be it for better or worse! Which is why it’s so good for people getting married…
Wow. This has been quite fascinating! Thank you so much to Asami for her time and the absolutely breathtaking images of her flamenco band in action. We are so excited to work with them in the very near future!