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Wedding venue in Mallorca | Rustic-style estate for an unforgettable wedding


Today’s bridal story takes us to the enchanting island of Mallorca where Anna and Richard, a fabulously fun couple, chose the rustic charm of Mallorca for their wedding day last June.

Join us as we relive their unforgettable journey at a rustic-style estate in the heart of this enchanting Spanish island.

Outdoor wedding ceremony in Mallorca.
Outdoor wedding ceremony in Mallorca.
The Venue—A Rustic Gem

Nestled amid the heart of the Mallorca’s mountains, this traditional Spanish stone finca served as the perfect backdrop for Anna and Richard’s destination wedding. Despite its countryside seclusion, the venue’s proximity to Palma and easy airport access made it an ideal location for an epic wedding surrounded by verdant palms and lush farmland.

The roots of this impressive estate trace back to the 12th century, when it stood as a vibrant agricultural centre. After years of abandonment, the finca was meticulously restored, breathing new life into its historical walls, and has since become a sought-after venue for bridal couples looking for nature-inspired weddings with an air of rustic allure.

The bridal couple surrounded by their friends and family amidst a lush garden space.
The Ceremony—Infused with Bohemian-Inspired Charm

As guests arrived, a lemonade stand provided refreshing welcome drinks on the green lower lawn, while a thoughtfully selected playlist set the mood for the gathering. As anticipation grew, guests were invited to take their seats in the relaxed, bohemian-inspired wedding ceremony area in another outdoor space, surrounded by lush greenery and whimsical vibes.

There Anna’s brother played an acoustic version of “Latch” as the entrance song, adding a personal touch to the ceremony making it all the more emotive.

The ceremony itself, a delightful blend of humour and emotion, was skillfully led by the respected wedding celebrant, Toni Pons, as Anna’s brother continued to be a significant presence throughout the ceremony, performing an acoustic version of “Sunflower” during the signing, symbolising Anna and Richard’s union as husband and wife.

Live wedding music during the ceremony.
Live wedding music during the ceremony.
From Vows to Celebration

In a typical Spanish-style courtyard, the newlyweds and their guests gathered to enjoy a variety of refreshments, including white sangria, cava, beers, water, and soft drinks, while a Rumba Style band launched the celebration. There guests were treated to a delightful selection of canapés, which included Galician beef tartare, ham croquettes, seabass and prawn ceviche, and octopus with smoked paprika.

The drinks reception also provided a moment for precious family photos to be taken by the skilled local Mallorcan-base photographer, Roger Castellví, and as the sun started to set Anna and Richard stole away for a romantic photoshoot, embracing the beautiful sunset that symbolised the beginning of their new journey as a married couple.

The venue at dusk, with overhead lights adding to the magic and charm.
A feast with a view—Evening dining with a picturesque backdrop

As the sun bathed the lush countryside in a warm, golden glow, guests gathered at exquisitely set tables in a space exclusively reserved for this special occasion. The dinner commenced with a delightful course of yellow gazpacho, accentuated with lobster, couscous, and mango as the appetiser.

Heartfelt speeches followed, filling the air with laughter and tears of joy, before the main course, featuring succulent deboned suckling pork accompanied by apricot puree, brussels sprouts, and Iberian ham, was served. The lavish spread reached its delightful conclusion with mango and passionfruit cheesecake accompanied by a refreshing strawberry sorbet, serving as the ultimate treat before the festivities kicked into high gear.

An exterior view of the elegant dining area,
An exterior view of the elegant dining area.
Party Vibes—Dancing the night away with a medley of musical delights

The evening transformed into a lively celebration in the same timeless Spanish-style terrace that had hosted the drinks reception. An open bar was set up, offering guests delightful cocktails like Ginger Mule, Classic Mojito, and Spicy Margarita.

There the atmosphere was charged with groovy beats as DJ Edmin skillfully curated the music, building up to the first dance to the tune of “More than Woman” by Bee Gees. Later, the music baton was passed to the enchanting melodies of sax player Cristian Sorribas, adding a soulful dimension to the night’s festivities.

Late-night snacks, featuring Pa amb oli and traditional pastries, were a welcome delight as the evening transformed into a lively dance-filled celebration. The festivities carried on late into the night, with the moonlit sky providing a magical backdrop. However, the merriment didn’t stop there, as it extended into the following day with a post-wedding beach club gathering —a perfect conclusion to this joyous occasion, surrounded by cherished loved ones in the sunshine.

A special thanks to Roger for the use of these fun images of the day and of course to Anna and Richard for trusting and sharing their magical day with us, wishing you both a lifetime of blessings and love!

The newlyweds enjoy their first dance.
The newlyweds enjoy their first dance.