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Neapolitan pizzas for weddings in Spain | Professional catering for your wedding


All you “knead” is LOVE… and Neapolitan PIZZA for your wedding in Spain!

A rose decorated Neapolitan Pizza for your wedding in Spain.

Pizza weddings are becoming more and more popular, from the cocktail hour to a late-night snack and today we’ll start from the top…ping as we chat all things cheese and sauce with Neapolitan pizza dough expert, Francisco Marin, from La Pizza Di Napoli in Marbella.

8+ years of pizza catering at weddings, parties, events, street food locations and restaurantes on the Costa del Sol.

Walnut topping pizza topping.
Please tell us a bit more about the story behind La Pizza Di Napoli, where are you from and how did you end up in Marbella?

We are all from a village in Malaga called Istan, which is part of the Sierra de las Nieves National Park. In my case, I spent 8 years living in Madrid, where I trained in various sectors, including some of the best Neapolitan pizzerias in Spain. After those experiences and several visits to Naples, I decided to start my own path by dedicating myself to organise Neapolitan pizza events, in order to make my passion my profession.

I believe you are specialists in Neapolitan pizza, what gave you the idea to organise private events?

The world of private Neapolitan pizza events in other countries is very widespread, but here in Spain we are practically the only ones who do it. The idea arose for this very reason, to cover a sector in which we are the national reference, and to provide an exclusive service.

Open oven Neapolitan Pizza for weddings in Spain.
What would be a typical service provided by you at a private event like a wedding?

There are three services we provide at weddings: pre-weddings, cocktails and the wedding breakfast, with the wedding breakfast being the most in demand at weddings. The service is customised, original and exclusive where we always offer quality service.

Can you adapt what you do to a personalised request from a bridal couple? For example a heart-shaped pizza?

We adapt to any request from couples, in fact the heart-shaped pizza is something we love because it looks spectacularly good.

Succulent jamon pizza.
What do you most like about making your delicious pizzas at a wedding?

What I like most about preparing the pizzas at a wedding is seeing all the guests’ eagerness to try them and their satisfied faces once they have tasted them.

Any secret ingredients you can share with us?

Our secret is in the dough, but if we share it, it would no longer be a secret. In any case, the love we put into what we do is our greatest secret.

Moon-shaped pizza by La Pizza Di Napoli.
Can you share any funny anecdotes that have happened whilst doing a live pizza event?

We have many, but one of them was when at a wedding, the bride and groom asked to make their own pizzas, at least they gave it a shot.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I’m passionate about nature, luckily where I live, I’m surrounded by it. So I go hiking with my girlfriend, I also like to read and cook all kinds of food, not just pizza. At the end of the day, cooking is such a wide and exciting world.

Mouthwatering pizza for your wedding in Spain.
A huge thank you to Francisco Marin for sharing with us this fun and popular catering option for weddings on the Costa del Sol.
But, be warned…They’ll Steal A Pizza Your Heart!
Neapolitan Pizzas for Weddings in Spain
Neapolitan Pizzas for Weddings in Spain.