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Personalised gifts for your loved ones from We Lasert Art, an artistic laser engraving company based on the Costa del Sol…

Save the date laser engraved heart.
Save the date laser engraved heart.

Who doesn’t love a great wedding? From the story of the proposal, to the months of planning, the growing excitement after choosing the perfect venue, the bridal dress, the wedding breakfast, as well as all the unique details that become talking points for the guests on the day, and what better way to engrave the most magical day of your life forever with beautiful, personalised, laser cut items.

Today we take a look at some of the laser engraved items that are in demand for weddings, either as part of the event or as gifts, in this exclusive interview with Rianna, one of the members of husband and wife team behind the growing laser engraving company based on the Costa del Sol; We Laser Art.

 Personalised laser engraved wedding gifts
Personalised laser engraved chopping board for Mr & Mrs.
Tell us a bit more about you and your laser engraving business, how did it start?

We Laser Art started as a hobby during the pandemic. As a teacher originally from the States but teaching in Spain, we were the first to be sent home in March.

My husband, who is just as creative as I am and a bit of a technology geek, purchased our first engraver during quarantine. We started off making personalised gifts for friends and, more than anything, it kept us busy during those long months.

Wedding gift ideas by We Laser Art.

We were really happy with the feedback from friends and family and, as soon as life returned back to normal, we registered with local artisan groups and participated in artisan markets. After that, I think we started to contemplate a business more seriously. We upgraded our equipment and started looking at different types of products we could offer.

Fast forwarding to the end of 2021. In December we decided it was time to swap city life for the coast and we relocated to the Costa del Sol. We found once relocating to the south of Spain that there was more of a demand and interest in our engraved products, so we decided that I would turn our hobby into a registered business and since then I’ve been busy with wedding gifts and personalised gifts for all types of events.

Beautifully engraved wedding favor.
Where do you find inspiration?

Even though teaching has been a passion of mine for more than 10 years, I find inspiration through my creativity to transform products into meaningful gifts for people. Each client has a story and I find great inspiration through my creative skills to express that story or message.

The service I offer is completely bespoke and I offer consultation throughout the whole process. From looking at options, design and then engraving, I keep clients involved to make each of our orders extra special.

Personalised fans as wedding favors.
What type of items do you usually engrave for weddings and do you have a personal favourite?

At the moment our personalised wedding fans are most in demand. As we’re located in the Costa del Sol, wedding fans are useful to combat the heat and are a great personal touch as wedding favors. As an independent business owner, I take the time to personalise each fan individually and add extra care and attention to detail.

Apart from our fans, we personalise gifts for the bride and groom such as save the dates, cheese and charcuterie boards, stainless steel key chains and wine opener gift sets. With regards to wedding decorations, we also engrave coasters, slate, wine glasses and more. My favourite at this moment in time would have to be our hip flask for the best man, it’s a beautiful gift set and functional as well.

Wedding favors by We Lazer Art.
What sort of lettering do you use? Which is the most popular?

As our designs and gifts are bespoke, we tailor them specifically to the wishes of our guests. However, if they need some guidance we provide some of our personalised designs as examples to help them choose and, if they have a specific font, we first make sure that it will look good once engraved and then make adjustments if necessary.

What do you most love about your job when working at engraving items for weddings?

I really enjoy the connection I make with my brides or bridesmaids. Each one has a specific style or message in mind and a special person they would like a gift for. It’s truly a great feeling to be able to help them have that special moment during the wedding where they can show their appreciation for their mother, father, or friends. Seeing a design I make come to life and then engraved and gift wrapped is amazing.

Original and personalised wedding gifts.
How long does it take you to prepare an order?

Engraving can be tricky depending on the type of materials. I work with a lot of natural materials, such as wood for example. But no two pieces of wood are the same and things like the grain or shade can change the final effect. It’s all about understanding the materials and how to get the best out of them and our experience has helped us with this a lot.

Another element I have to consider is the time of designing, layout and measuring to ensure consistency on larger orders. I’m proud to say that it takes me about 3-4 full days of engraving to be able to complete around 100 fans, then another day for packaging. This is the same for saving the dates and bottle openers. For smaller weddings I have been able to turn over fans and save the dates within only a couple days. Gift boxes for the groom and key chains (again depending on the quantity) I can have ready within a couple days.

Elegant gift for the best man.
Outside your laser engraving business, what do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I love to enjoy my time here on the Costa del Sol, going to the beach, evening walks in the summer and barbecuing at home with my husband and cat.

A huge thanks to Rianna for taking time out of your business schedule to chat with us today and offer an insight into your creative new business, we hope to see your bespoke engravings at weddings very soon.
A personalised gift for the groom.