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Electric violinist weddings Mallorca | Interview with in-demand electric violinist Spain


An electric violinist provides a unique musical touch to your big day and guarantees an unforgettable serenade for all!

Electric violinist Weddings Mallorca
Victoria, electric violinist in Mallorca.

If you’re a bride who is planning a wedding, a violinist can help set the mood for the big day as we find out today when we chat all things string and music with in-demand electric violinist Victoria, from the UK, currently based in Mallorca, who has been performing on an international stage since the age of 13.

violinist Victoria, from the UK, currently based in Mallorca, who has been performing on an international stage since the age of 13.
Violinist Victoria has been performing on an international stage since the age of 13.
Tell us a bit more about your musical background, and at what age did you first pick up the violin?

I started the violin at the age of seven, at the time I played many instruments and was one of those children who could get a tune out of any instrument I was handed. It was the violin that really got my attention, I think mainly because you play the instrument directly on your heart and the vibrations from the body of the instrument go all the way through your own. I travelled around Europe in an orchestra from the age of 13 and then went to study Music at Manchester University with tutelage under a violinist from the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. In Manchester I played in Indie bands and then in London I played in an EDM band. In Mallorca I have been in shows, one an Electric Ballet Show (sounds weird but it worked!) and the other a flamenco show as well as doing my solo work.

Victoria first started playing the violin at the age of seven.
How did you get into playing the violin at weddings?

I started to play for friends and family as a wedding present. I loved the emotion, not just the emotion I felt seeing my friends walking down the aisle but that I could add to the whole feeling by my playing. I think music is such the most powerful tool when it comes to touching the heart.

Victoria currently lives in Mallorca her “place.”
What do you most love about the beautiful island of Mallorca, and what do you think draws couples to this destination to get married?

Oooohh, that is a really difficult one to answer in terms of what I love the most! It has everything, from the escapism of a trip through the mountains to the most idyllic sea settings. As an islander we know the little tiny calas which are off the tourist track and you can get some real tranquillity and the feeling of being on a desert island. I came for a long weekend trip (I lived in London at the time) and I turned to my friend and said “I’ve found my place”. I think this is the same energy couples get when they come here….it is an unexplainable feeling….just a deep knowing that “I’ve found my place”. It is magical.

Victoria can offer five differents music sets for weddings.
Talk me through, with a bit more detail, your 5 sets (Drinks Reception Set, Party Set, Improvising over Chillout tracks, Electric Show Set, Wedding/Romantic Set). Do you have a favourite?

For the Drinks Reception and Party sets where I play covers (sprinkled with improvisation) the song selection ranges from current pop such as Dua Lipa / Billie Eilish / Harry Styles through to Muse/London Grammar/Passenger and even Gala/ Robert Miles /Darude in the Party Set. I like to combine current tracks with dancefloor classics to cater for a range of audiences. The improv over chillout set is perfect for sundowners, the tracks are in the style of Cafe del Mar and each set is unique as it is entirely improvised. The Electric Show is music made famous by Vanessa Mae, David Garrett, Bond and can include Lindsey Stirling tracks. My Romantic/Wedding Set is for walking down the aisle/ceremony as well as for engagements or anniversaries or blessings. If I had to choose a favourite I would probably say the Party Set because it gets everyone up and I love their responses when each track drops!

Victoria enjoying the sunshine in Mallorca, Spain.
Do you have a planned playlist or are you happy to accommodate a bridal couple’s song requests?

I have playlists which I find are a good starting point for the couple to say yes/no/other to. I have a large library of tracks to choose from and I am happy to learn a new track if requested.

Do you prefer to play solo, or do you like to collaborate with other musicians and singers?

My sets are for a solo violinist however I do like to collaborate when the opportunity arises.

On behalf of Sunshine Weddings Spain, a huge thank you for your time and insight into how best to get a party grooving. We hope to hear you very soon in the up-coming wedding season.
Victoria, in-demand electric violinist Spain.