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Interview With Expert Wedding Florist In Mallorca | Tips And Advice From Wedding Florist In Spain


Tips And Advice From Wedding Florist: Flowers and brides bloom together in love’s truest language…

Today Sunshine Weddings Spain is talking all things floral with bespoke wedding florist in Mallorca, Anna Mackenzie.

Thanks for popping in today Anna and taking the time out of your busy schedule to give some tips and advice for wedding floral designs.

A beautiful bride with her bridal bouquet in the magical Island of Mallorca.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

I was born and educated in rural Scotland, brought up on a farm which was no doubt where my introduction to nature and inspiration to design began. I studied Art at university and although I deviated from this initially, having worked and lived abroad, I made the move to Mallorca. Here, I pursued and broadened my horizons in the world of flowers and design which has led to me to take over the company. With such a beautiful environment to work in, my passion for creativity flourished! In my spare time, I travel and enjoy sailing!

Fresh flower bouquets for a stunning bride in Mallorca, Spain.

Can you share what first inspired you to start designing flowers? 

I have always had a passion for the delicate beauty of flowers (inspired by my grandmother) and the diversity of colour, shape and texture, so the natural flow was to use flowers as an art medium.

Elegant table arrangement for an alfresco wedding venue in Spain.

How did you get into wedding florals? 

Initially, it was creating the florals for my friends’ wedding in South Africa after they were let down by their florist at the last minute – the look of pure joy and compliments on how the venue was transformed encouraged me to do floral arrangements for family and friends for special occasions. The resulting compliments received and the personal satisfaction I achieved were instrumental in my decision to extend my floral business specialising in weddings and bespoke events.

There is beauty and romance to be found in all flowers and styles.

What is your favourite part about being a florist? 

Client’s expectations. Assisting them in creating their vision for the big day is so rewarding!

What is your favourite flower for a wedding and / or style (modern, classic, natural, glam) and why?

I can see the beauty and romance in all flowers and styles, however, one of my favourites is “contemporary Boho” with one of my favourite flowers being Protea, symbolising courage, strength and diversity!

Bride & Groom just married! Any good florist will be able to create something totally unique and personal.

If a bride knows exactly what she wants and has inspiration from Pinterest, for example, can any florist achieve the look she’s hoping for?

As flowers are a natural product, inspiration images are a great help in beginning the design process. However, we will endeavour to create the designs as closely as possible whilst adding a bespoke touch; resulting in unique and personal designs for the happy couple.

A carpet of white rose petals cover the aisle at a idyllic wedding venue in Spain.

What tips or advice can you give to couples who are ordering their wedding flowers?

Gather as many images as possible – even if they are all different! Any good florist / designer will be able to create something totally unique and personal for you by discussing what first attracted you to the images. Above all arrange to meet at your venue, if possible or arrange a video call so you and your florist can get to know each other a little – when you are entrusting a supplier on such a big day it is always best to establish a meaningful rapport to allow communication and ideas to flow smoothly.

Beautiful wedding wall with inspirations in tones of purple, mauve, lavender and lilac.

How do florists keep flowers fresh? 

It’s all in the conditioning! Ensuring the flowers are prepared and kept in a controlled environment providing the ideal temperature and humidity for the plants and blooms.

Where do florists get their flowers from? 

As much as possible is sourced locally or from mainland Spain, however the majority come from the world class growers in Holland.

A beautiful bride holding her elegant wedding bouquet.

To find out more about Anna Mackenzie, or to discuss your wedding decorations further, please contact one of our team at Sunshine Weddings Spain. We love to make weddings as pretty as possible with stunning venue styling.