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Marquee wedding Spain | Personalised marquee service Costa del Sol


A marquee can provide the perfect blank canvas for a bespoke wedding venue in Spain.

Marquee wedding Spain | Personalised marquee service Costa del Sol
Tentacción – Sur, Personalised marquee service Costa del Sol.

From structure size and layout, to the décor, the possibilities to a marquee wedding are endless. However, under such a vast array of possibilities, it’s probably advisable to talk to a specialist when considering the best, and most suitable structure for your wedding day. Luckily, we are fortunate to be joined today by CEO of Tentacción – Sur and tent-expert, Yago de Orbe.

In today’s feature article Yago will talk us through the key details in how to find your perfect marquee, including the different shapes, sizes and arrangements of marquees.

Beautiful garden ceremony under an elegant marquee.
  1. Tell us a bit more about how the business began

Tentacció is a company that was born in San Sebastian (Guipúzcoa) more than 15 years ago. It is a leading company in Spain and a pioneer in the sector of stretched or Bedouin tents. Tentacción – Sur is its strategic partner in Andalusia and was created with the aim of offering a closer and more personalised service to our clients in the south of Spain. Our hallmark is to always provide excellent and efficient service to our customers.

  1. What size marquee should the bride and groom consider for their guests?

Depending on your needs we calculate 140m2 for 100 people for a banquet with separate tables or 120 m2 if the tables are joined together. If it’s just for a ceremony you would be looking to have a 80 m2 marquee for 100 people and if it is for a dance 60 m2 would be enough.

A marquee can provide the perfect blank canvas for a bespoke wedding venue in Spain.
  1. Can you explain the different shapes, sizes and arrangements of marquees?

One of the characteristics of Bedouin tents is that as they do not have a rigid structure, they can be configured in different ways and on floors that do not have to be flat. We can make multiple configurations: lower the corners, leave the sides higher or lower to the height we like the most; lower only one side of the tent and leave another higher; raise the entire tent as if it were an awning etc… We can also fix the tent on a facade if it is a small space such as an interior courtyard.

We have many different sizes from 60m2 to …. whatever the customer needs!

A marquee can even be set up on the beach.
  1. Do you supply any furniture such as tables and chairs?

In our warehouse in Malaga we have white furniture for chill-out or bar. We also have jute carpets in case you want to cover the floor, which adds a really beautiful touch! We also work with other reliable decoration and furniture companies that provide us with different types of furniture for weddings if needed. When a client asks us for something specific we always try to help them get what they want.

A marquee can add a whimsical touch to your special day.
  1. Can the marquee be opened if it is very sunny, or closed if it rains? Do you provide heaters?

Yes of course, as I said the tent has many different configuration possibilities. Our tents are 100% waterproof, but when it rains we also recommend completely closing the sides of the tent with a special fabric to keep wind and water out.

We do not have our own heaters, but we can contact suppliers who provide them so that our clients do not have to look for them. Centralising the services with a single company saves event organisers a lot of time and headaches. It is also a guarantee that everything will go smoothly, without any last minute hitches.

The tents can be illuminated with garland LED lights.
  1. How will the tent be illuminated and can candles be used?

We have garland LED lights to illuminate the marquees which is what we recommend, that said, our marquees are completely fireproof so candles can be used inside without becoming a fire hazard, you just have to be careful not to put them too close to the fabric so that the fabric doesn’t get dirty or damaged.

A huge “gracias” to Yago de Orbe from Tentacción – Sur for such a detailed explanation on the endless possibilities for a marquee wedding in Spain, not only are there an array of options, a marquee really can give a touch of timeless elegance to your bespoke wedding. Thank you also for providing all the images and we hope to see you and your tents very soon this wedding season and beyond.