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Rustic finca Spain | Charming rustic decor


Destination weddings have a unique charm of their own. The blend of breathtaking locales and love-filled celebrations can be nothing short of magical. In today’s feature article, we explore the essential factors and considerations that go into planning the decor for a destination wedding in Spain, set in the great outdoors. Whether you’re exchanging vows beside a tranquil pond, dancing the night away on a grassy lawn, or enjoying the celebration poolside, these insights will help ensure your wedding decor shines in every way.

Harmonious white outdoor decor enhances the setting
Harmonious white outdoor decor enhances the setting.
Embrace the Scenic Backdrop

One of the most significant aspects of a destination wedding in Spain is the natural beauty that surrounds you. When planning your decor, it’s vital to let the picturesque scenery take centre stage. Whether you’re in the countryside with lush greenery, near a sparkling pond, or by an inviting outdoor pool, work with the landscape, not against it. Use the environment as a canvas to enhance, not overpower, the ambiance of your special day.

An elegant rustic vibe tablescape.
An elegant rustic vibe tablescape.
Seating Arrangements and Comfort

When planning decor for an outdoor wedding, comfort is key. Your guests should feel at ease, whether they’re seated for the ceremony, relaxing by the pool, or enjoying a meal in an open-air setting. Consider cushioned seating options to ensure that your guests are comfortable throughout the day. Incorporate stylish lounge areas where attendees can socialise and relax. Thoughtfully placed parasols or umbrellas can provide shade and protection from the elements, especially during a sunny Spanish day.

Enchanting water fountain enhanced by white and green florals
Enchanting water fountain enhanced by white and green florals.
Lighting Magic

Outdoor weddings in Spain often extend into the evening, and lighting plays a pivotal role in creating a romantic atmosphere. There are various options to consider, from soft string lights and lanterns to subtle candles and strategically placed torches. Lighting not only illuminates pathways and focal points but also adds a touch of enchantment to your wedding decor.

With over two decades of wedding planning expertise, the Sunshine Weddings team is well-equipped to advise you on the strategic placement of lighting to enhance various areas, including the dance floor, dining area, pathways, and even the poolside.

elegant rustic outdoor setting
Elegant rustic outdoor setting.
Thoughtful Poolside Decor

If your wedding takes place near an outdoor pool, you have a unique opportunity to incorporate it into your decor. Consider floating floral arrangements, candlelit poolside pathways, or illuminated pool features to enhance the visual appeal. However, safety is a priority. Ensure that any decor items near the pool are secure, and your guests are aware of their surroundings.

Destination Wedding Thematic Decor

Every wedding should have a theme that reflects the couple’s personalities. For a destination wedding in Spain, consider infusing the decor with elements of Spanish culture. Incorporate colourful Spanish tiles, flamenco-inspired decor, or traditional Spanish fabrics into your design. This not only adds authenticity to your celebration but also creates a unique, unforgettable atmosphere.

Top table with stage and lighting in the background.
Top table with stage and lighting in the background.
Coordinated Decor for the Whole Event

Consistency in decor is vital for creating a seamless atmosphere throughout your destination wedding. Choose a coordinated colour palette and style that can be easily integrated into all aspects of your celebration, from the ceremony and cocktail hour to the reception and dance floor. Coordinated decor ensures that your guests experience a unified and visually pleasing journey from start to finish.

A destination wedding in Spain offers the perfect canvas for creating a magical outdoor celebration. By embracing the scenic backdrop, prioritising comfort, utilising creative lighting and incorporating thoughtful decor elements, your wedding decor will transform your outdoor space into an unforgettable, picturesque setting.

Table Flower Decor Enhances the Setting.
Table flower decor enhances the setting.

Sustainable choices and unified decor complete the picture, ensuring your destination wedding is an event to remember, surrounded by the beauty of Spain’s great outdoors.

When planning your wedding, the Sunshine Weddings team is always available to provide decor tips and advice, as well as recommend the most suitable suppliers to bring your dream wedding decor to life.

A big gracias to Maria Ramos for allowing us to use her photos in today’s feature on destination wedding decoration.