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Rustic Mallorca Wedding venue: Your guide to getting married in the Balearic Islands


Whether it’s a sea view wedding you and your partner are after, mountain views, or a rustic finca tucked away in a remote village in the countryside, it’s all here in Mallorca. The island, popular with tourists from all over the globe, is also a highly sought-after location for a destination wedding, and it’s not hard to understand why. Sun shines on this picturesque island all year round, illuminating the beautiful turquoise colour of the surrounding waters, it boasts outstanding cuisine, intriguing culture and a rich history that keeps people coming back, and encourages new people to discover its shores. There are many reasons to consider Mallorca for a destination wedding and Sunshine Weddings Spain is here to help you with that research and arm you with a healthy amount of knowledge before you make the all-important decision on where to seal your love with your life partner.

There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ Mallorcan wedding location. Venues are all of the highest quality, filled with authentic touches that will make your wedding stand out from all the rest. From rustic farmhouse estates and converted mills, to sumptuous wedding fincas and the very best in five star hotels, Mallorca has a vast array of venues from which to choose.

rustic mallorca wedding venue
Mallorca gets 300 days of sunshine per year

Year round sunshine

But first, before selecting the venue, you’ll need to know what the climate is like wherever you are considering… and it just so happens Mallorca is one of the sunniest corners in Europe. Let’s face it, no couple wants to get married in inclement weather, or have that extra thing to worry about when you look up at the sky moments before the ceremony and see a dark storm cloud rolling in.

Mallorca sees over 300 days of sunshine every year, and in winter, is still one of the sunniest areas of the continent. The weather in Mallorca is understandably a strong attraction for many visitors to the island. Its climate falls into the category of temperate subtropical, which means hot summers and short, mild winters – this makes it perfect for any couple who may not want to get married on a sweltering hot day. Wedding season in Mallorca is generally May to early October, where spring and autumn temperatures can reach a comfortable 20 – 23 degrees, then in the height of summer you can expect it to reach 28 – 32 degrees. Identifying a place where there is consistent weather, and even better, consistent sunshine, is always a terrific starting point to enjoying a relaxed day without any weather drama getting in the way of that smooth ceremony, and perfect photo album.

Ryanair are a popular carrier that fly to Mallorca

Getting there

Mallorca is becoming more and more accessible to not just Europeans, but anyone from anywhere in the world. The island’s main airport Palma Son Sant Joan was the only one of Europe’s large airports to increase the number of flights in 2022 compared with pre-pandemic 2019. As a result, it entered the top ten of Europe’s airports for the first time and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. United Airlines launched direct flights between New York and Palma in 2022, and that continued last year following its huge success. It’s led to more Americans discovering the island, and getting married on the island.

All UK airports fly to Palma throughout September. Visit the following sites for information on flight prices and times:

Overcoming the language barrier

If you’re planning a destination wedding then the planning becomes slightly more involved, and you may think that the language barrier is just another thing to plan around or things may get tricky. Well, rest assured, because not only is our experienced team here at Sunshine Weddings Spain able to always be on-hand to support you during the entire wedding process, but English is pretty much spoken all over Mallorca. It is full of internationals, and as a result the locals are quite comfortable speaking English. The island is a top tourist destination among Europeans, particularly Germans, and in the past couple of years, has started to feature more on the travel bucket lists of North Americans as Mallorca is marketed more in other continents.

Once you’ve worked out a budget, drafted up a guest list, hired a wedding planner and chosen a location for your wedding, you’ll then need to select a venue. We at Sunshine Weddings Spain are seasoned professionals when it comes to deciding on a beautiful venue that will match all of your needs. We are fortunate in Mallorca, for not only being blessed with constant sunshine, crystal clear waters and stunning mountains, but for the wide variety of rustic venues dotted throughout the island that make for a perfect, peaceful wedding in paradise.

This finca is the perfect example of the rustic wedding venues on offer in Mallorca













Picturesque Palma

A destination wedding in Mallorca is not complete without seeing the charming city of Palma. Whether you’re considering a wedding in the actual city, or elsewhere on the island, Palma can easily be incorporated into your visit, and always the perfect option for a day trip if you and your guests are staying in another location on the island.

Palma boasts a beautiful old town full of quaint cafés and restaurants, as well as art galleries and boutiques. The old town’s cobble-stoned alleyways take you around the many historical landmarks left by the Romans, Moors and Christians, who successively occupied Mallorca. These include the Royal Palace of Almudaina, La Seu Cathedral, and La Lonja (the maritime trade exchange building).

Imagine walking the grounds of this finca with your partner

The rustic countryside

Mallorca is characterised by its very different types of landscape such as its rugged mountain ranges that line up alongside the coast, and sit alongside valleys and agricultural plains. Wide stretches of beach and small bays sit beneath a backdrop of an undulating and mountainous landscape. The Serra de Tramuntana is a wonderful example of the island’s beautiful rustic countryside alongside perpendicular cliffs and rugged mountains. Several villages, churches, sanctuaries, towers, lighthouses and small dry-stone structures are dotted throughout the terraced landscape, contributing to the island’s character and charm. There are many fincas hidden away among all of this beauty providing the perfect haven for not only a private wedding, but an affair that’ll leave your guests amazed at the surroundings.


Mallorca is a fabulous place to show off to your guests the classic Mediterranean gastronomy. The island’s cuisine is centred around fish, vegetables and pork, and with generous use of garlic and olive oil. Spaniards love their rice and you can count on every region either having their own take on a traditional paella, or another similar rice dish. In Mallorca, it is very common to see arroz brut (rice stew) on the menu. Ingredients change with the seasons and range from chicken to pork, game, snails, sobrassada, rabbit, wild mushrooms, pepper, peas, beans, artichoke. A common breakfast is the pa amb oli (bread with oil). It is delightfully simple – less is more. It’s local bread, rubbed with garlic, local tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil. Those are just a couple of examples of how Mallorcans eat, the simple, but beautiful taste of the island, and just imagine your guests enjoying this beautiful food as they all celebrate your wedding day.

Acclaimed luxury catering company Fosh Catering pays homage to the beautiful Mediterranean diet in its dishes. Everything on their menu is handmade, starting with a rigorous selection of the finest ingredients available.

Fosh Catering’s dishes, appetizers and desserts are absolutely handmade and always served fresh















If you are interested in having a destination wedding in Mallorca, simply get in touch with a member of the Sunshine team and we’ll contact you straight away. We can start working on your big day immediately, then when you’re ready to visit our offices in Mallorca your dedicated wedding planner will arrange a special tour where you will be shown the best of our wedding venues to meet your criteria.

And remember, we don’t ask for a penny to begin working on your special day. We want you to focus on the fun and excitement of planning your wedding – without having to worry about down payments or deposits.

Mallorca is one of Spain’s most splendid islands filled with charm, history, locally sourced food and drink and plenty of breathtaking locations. Everything you need for your destination wedding in the sun!