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Spain wedding venues: Most beautiful places to get married


Fincas, haciendas & villas steeped in Spanish tradition

Spain wedding venues are dotted all throughout the picturesque municipalities of Malaga, Marbella, Estepona… just to name a few, but really, the whole of Andalusia sets a marvellous scene to get married. From rustic mountain fincas, to beach-side hotels and sumptuous private villas, our venues are always of the highest quality. If it’s a traditional Spanish wedding venue you’re after then Andalusia, steeped in history and culture, is the place for you.

Spanish villas, fincas and haciendas are a popular choice with bridal couples looking for a rustic and charming wedding venue to wow guests by staging their most important day.

You can’t simply cannot start planning your big day until you have found the perfect venue. This is why Sunshine Weddings Spain offers a complimentary venue finding service in each of our Spanish destinations. We operate independently and our portfolio of venues is growing by the day.

Usually, the first step is research, and if you’ve identified that you want to be one of those couples who say “I do” in the enchanting gardens of a typical Spanish finca, on acres of lush, green land at a fancy hacienda or on the terrace of a coastal villa then all you need to do next is narrow down those options to one. This is not easy to do, as they’re all so beautiful and there are endless choices to fit all budgets, styles, and tastes. Allow us to do a deep dive into these three traditional Spanish wedding venues and why they are so highly-sought after by couples from all over the world.

Spain wedding venues
An example of a 17th century finca used for a wedding in Spain

Spain wedding venues: A charming finca in Andalusia or Mallorca

What is a finca?

A finca (Spanish for estate) is a plot of land, typically found in the countryside with a cottage or farmhouse, providing the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. These charming retreats are some of the best Spain wedding venues and immediately invite you to unwind and immerse yourself in the beauty of Andalusia’s impressive nature.

From rustic farmhouses surrounded by vineyards, orchards, olive groves or citrus trees to luxurious estates boasting enchanting gardens and mountain views, Spanish fincas come in various shapes and sizes. They are deeply rooted in Spain’s history and offer a taste into the authentic way of rustic Spanish living. As they cover a lot of area, fincas are always a popular choice among couples as they fantasize about reciting their vows with breathtaking landscape views behind them. Fincas are also known for their tranquility as they are often tucked away in valleys or atop hills, away from town and city centres. Many Spanish fincas have been passed down through generations and have retained their rustic charm while adapting to modern-day demands.

What makes a typical Spanish finca?

They often wow people with their architectural style, such as the whitewashed walls and terracotta roofs. It’s such a contrast from anywhere else in the world, with these types of Spain wedding venues only found in the picturesque countryside of the south.

On the plots of land are often olive groves, vineyards, fruit orchards and grazing pastures – you will really feel like you are on the most glorious of farms as you celebrate with your guests among some of the most stunning grounds in Andalusia lapping up Spain’s rich agricultural heritage.

Some luxury Spanish fincas may even come complete with private pools, tennis courts and private gardens.

Dining in the gardens of a finca in Mallorca

Mallorca finca: A rustic island wedding

This popular rustic finca in Mallorca has set the scene for many couples to get married and is a perfect example of one of Spain’s finest wedding fincas. The old stone farmhouse sits among a lush rural setting filled with lemon groves and vineyards. After having been abandoned for a number of years, the traditional Spanish estate was recently restored and rejuvenated into the breathtaking wedding and events venue it is today.

A traditional finca such as this one is ideal for anyone wishing to have a bohemian-style wedding filled with natural touches. Imagine holding your wedding ceremony overlooking the breathtaking vistas of mountains and farmland, with white petals along the grassy aisle for a simple but effective finish.

Best hacienda’s in Marbella and Mallorca

A Spanish hacienda is a little bit different from a finca. Both are Spanish words used to describe different types of countryside properties and both share some similarities but there are distinct differences it might be handy to know about when selecting the perfect venue for your wedding.

A hacienda is typically a larger rural estate and in the past, were large land holdings that used to not only be used for agriculture use, but also mining, manufacturing, and other economic activities. Haciendas were often owned by wealthy Spanish landowners and worked by labourers during the colonial period, while fincas are owned by small families or small corporations.

What makes a typical Spanish hacienda?

If you want to wow your wedding guests with grandeur and luxury then a hacienda venue will not disappoint. They are known for their grand and often ornate architecture, featuring large colonial-style mansions, courtyards, chapels, and other significant structures. They were often designed to show off the wealth and status of the landowner.

You’ll also probably find many haciendas with impressive gardens, fountains, private pools, sports facilities and terraces that look out to breathtaking views of the southern Spanish landscape.

Spain wedding venues
Haciendas are known for their countryside views

Mijas hacienda: A dream rustic wedding

This example of a Spanish hacienda in Mijas is a dreamy retreat that encapsulates the beauty of the country’s landscape and gives a glimpse into the authentic way of life in the Andalusian countryside. This stunning ten bedroom traditional hacienda is set in the picturesque foothills of Mijas Costa in Spain’s Andalusia, and is an example of one of the more luxurious haciendas in the region.

Imagine your wedding ceremony laid out in the Spanish countryside with panoramic views of both the beautiful Spanish countryside and the sparkling coastline. This Spain wedding venue offers 360º views which all your guests can enjoy whilst sipping champagne or sangria at your cocktail hour accompanied by a Spanish guitarist playing traditional flamenco music. The grounds of the hacienda are rich with tropical flowers, large expanses of grass, and the most breathtaking views that the Costa del Sol has to offer.

Imagine walking through this breathtaking Andalusian estate on your special day and join your wedding guests who have been ushered to dine in the garden. A traditional hacienda such as this one boasts ten luxury rooms, where you will be able to accommodate your nearest and dearest. The spacious master suite has a large terrace overlooking the tropical grounds, countryside and golf courses beyond. The nine other suites are all individually designed with private terraces and views of the Mijas mountains.

A stunning wedding venue in Malaga

Top villas in Malaga and Mallorca

Spanish villas are some of the most impressive in the world and one does not have to scratch their head to wonder why couples all over the globe fantasize about getting married inside one of them when looking at Spain wedding venues.

They are spacious residences that can vary from a more modest home to a larger more luxurious estate. They often come complete with private swimming pools, enchanting gardens, fountains and fruit orchards. Unlike fincas or haciendas, villas aren’t only just located in the countryside, they are often dotted around everywhere, tucked away in valleys or at the foot of mountains to right on the beach. Many villas are located along the coast of the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, and also on the island of Mallorca.

Imagine getting married in these gardens in this Marbella villa

Marbella wedding villa: Married among enchanting gardens

If you are hoping to say “I do” in a property tucked away with some of the most mesmerising gardens you’ve ever seen then this Spain wedding venue in Marbella is a perfect example of just how stunning a villa can be. It’s one of the Sunshine Weddings team’s favourite – on the top of a mountain in Ojen overlooking the Costa del Sol. How can it not steal hearts given that this villa is such a marvel, set in delightfully tranquil lush gardens in a private location, with amazing sea views over the coast of Marbella, this dreamy venue is made for fairytale weddings.

This stunning villa-style property was made to host weddings and celebrations, gifting a unique and special backdrop for a bridal couple to exchange their vows in the presence of family and friends. It also ticks many boxes when it comes to holding a medium to large sized wedding, with space for 300 guests.

Imagine being there amid the glorious natural backdrop of the villa’s gardens, with the bridal couple surrounded by an oasis of verdant plants and all their loved ones. This villa in Marbella is a wedding paradise, and one of so many along the Costa del Sol.

For over twenty years we at Sunshine Weddings Spain have specialised in finding your perfect wedding venue, alongside planning every last detail of our couples’ special day. As you can see, we are spoiled for choice in Spain, with the vast array of wedding venues, and the range of traditional ones such as fincas, haciendas and villas. Our dedicated planners are always on-hand to guide, advise, support and help you make the most important day of their life truly unforgettable.

‘Why do I need a wedding planner?’ is a question we get asked a lot. Why, when we all have online access to suppliers and venues worldwide, is a wedding planner so important? Take a look at our short Q&A and discover the advantages of having one of our team assist you with your destination wedding in locations including Malaga and Mallorca.